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5 Reasons New Commercial Doors Should Be Your 1st Renovation Option

Whether you’ve been in your building a long time or perhaps are moving into an older building renovations are a constant part of commercial building “life.” Changes from tenants past, updates to code or simply time make it a necessary part of every business’ budget. One of the more overlooked parts of that is the doors.

Selecting commercial doors is sometimes an afterthought for many business owners wanting to do a renovation but they shouldn’t. In fact, commercial doors might be the best upgrade you could do on a small budget that bring the biggest impact. Whether your choosing hollow doors or fire rated doors, new commercial doors bring massive ROI. Here’s 5 reasons why new commercial doors should be your 1st consideration when doing a renovation.

Commercial Steel Doors Provide Improved Security


Real estate is always regional. For this example let's take a look at Atlanta. In In the Atlanta Real Estate market most buildings are built in the 1920’s to the 50’s. The buildings have great structural “bones, but often have old rusty doors. The doors are either unusable or are not secure. In one example, there was a popular bakery that moved into a warehouse space and spruced it up, but the doors were left untouched. It didn’t take long for local thieves to realize the opportunity of some free food.

Would a new door stop a break in? Maybe not, but a new door would have made the location more secure and send a message to would be thieves that there might have been other upgrades in security.

Keeping Building To Code With The Right Door

Along with improved security, the building will often be more in line with the current code. Many landlords and tenants often overlook this little item since they tend get “grandfather” treatment in the law books, but when it comes time to sale or change ownership, the new ownership has to deal with out of code issues. Most commercial real estate agents will be savvy enough to make sure this is part of their due diligence process.

1st Impressions Can Be Improved

They say that most people form opinions within 6 seconds of seeing something or meeting someone. Even more important than the “foyer” of a building might be the frame that people enter from, a door frame that is. In the San Antonio real estate market for example, many of the old “stucco” and old wood style buildings can feel refreshed simply by adding some new doors.

Increased Real Estate Value

Better security, better first impression and one less headache during resale also means that your value of the building itself will go up. Unless your building is a future tear down, then any improvements could bring the value up. All this adds up to big ROI for your small investment in doors.

In addition to the increase in “value” it will also help landlords obtain higher rents when they make the building more secure and more presentable. New glass storefront doors can make a big difference if the old doors start to look warn. Even customers will notice.

Easy Installation

You read all these reasons why a new door is a great option for a renovation and you might be thinking about installation. Installation is EASY (relatively speaking). In fact, the ease of installation gives you the biggest bang for your buck with this upgrade to your current space.

New Commercial Doors For The Win

Maybe we’re a bit biased, but we believe that new commercial doors can bring the biggest ROI to any renovation project. We’ve given 5 reasons why this should be your first consideration as well. We didn’t even cover the many different designs that are available such as fire rated doors or glass doors for a store front.

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