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8 Architectural Styles for Your Modern Home

Whether you’ve been saving up for your first home or ready to move into your last, the choices you have in the modern day can be complex and overwhelming. So to make your decision a bit easier, here are eight styles that would be perfect for your modern home.

Art Deco

Art Deco style ceiling light

Craving a stylish and sharp design? Art Deco has the square angles and straight edges of a neo-cubism painting while boasting its name as the Architecture Moderne. Plentiful windows and rounded corners make for a clean design.


An offshoot of the cape cod style home, Colonial architecture brings a wide, rectangular shape with second story rooms and a central front hallway. Perfect for a large family, or a holiday home.


A clean design with emphasis on open indoor and outdoor spaces as well as natural light fixtures. Focusing mostly on minimalist designs, contemporary homes feature less decoration and ornamentals than most other homes.


A popular west coast design that has its roots from the nineteenth century arts and crafts movements. These homes usually come with stained, rather than painted, wood and are primarily made out of handcrafted materials.


This spherical house has been in use both in ancient and modern times. With the right materials, a dome style home can be a sturdy, single-family home.

Greek Revival

Bringing back the pillars of Greek architecture, this home offers larger-than-average floor plans and grand, sophisticated entryways. A perfect style for a modern homebuyer seeking to make a statement.

Northwest Contemporary

Due to the nature of the Pacific Northwest, these homes are built with the indoor experience in mind. With a history from the architectural movements lead by Frank Lloyd Wright, they also usually feature Japanese or Indigenous art styles.

Ranch House

Also referred to as the California Ranch, this home offers open spaces and large windows. It was one of the first to incorporate garages into its designs so it features one nicely. Perfect for a bustling family that needs lots of space or as a workplace to enjoy natural light.


While many of these designs have their roots in history, their appearance and application in the modern day has changed for the better, often incorporating modern elements and materials. Any of these designs would make a great home for first-time buyers or those looking to retire in comfort.

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