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Commercial Pre-Finished Wood Doors

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Pre-finished wood doors are a great way to save time and money on a jobsite while ensuring a consistent and durable finish on all of your doors that will last for years. We offer a wide variety of wood finishes and veneers for you to choose from. Clear pre-finished and Texas Brown are our most popular options with the quickest lead times in the industry. CDF is here to help you close out your job on time and on budget.

Standard Product Description

Precision made core is composed entirely of wood particles which provides a stress free foundation and a completely smooth, uniform surface free of any voids, knots or patches that could show through the finish
Thickness - 1-3/4" (20 minute fire rated)
One piece, clear, matching/compatible hardwood face laminated, SCL back, for painting or staining
Core - Wood particleboard door core to meet or exceed American National Standard ANSI/A208.1 for 1-LD-1 or 1-LD-2 door core. Exceeds requirements for 20 minute construction authority.
Premium Grade exceeding Architectural Woodwork Institute Standards.
Available finishes - unfinished, clear, autumn oak, cherry, cinnamon, cordovan, dark oak, dark walnut, fruitwood, golden hickory, mahogany, traditional cherry, wheat

Available Pre-Finished Doors

We offer the best in the industry when it comes to options. Our standard stains come in the following colors Unfinished, Clear Pre-Finished, Autumn Oak, Dark Oak, Dark Walnut, Golden Hickory, Traditional Cherry, Mahogony. We are also able to stain any custom Sherwin-Williams color of your choice. 

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All Industry Standard Sizes

All commercial doors come at a thickness of 1-3/4". We offer the industry's leading standard widths and heights for your openings. We provide cut down and restyling for custom sized doors to meet any custom opening. Be sure to review our width and height sizing chart before building your quote. If you have any further questions please contact us. 

Available Door Widths

Actual width is 1/4" under nominal door size, to allow for 1/8" clearance on hinge and strike sides.
2'0'' (24 Inch)
23-3/4" Actual Size
2'4" (28 Inch)
27-3/4" Actual Size
2'6" (30 Inch)
29-3/4" Actual Size
2'8" (32 Inch)
31-3/4" Actual Size
2'10" (34 Inch)
33-3/4" Actual Size
3'0" (36 Inch)
35-3/4" Actual Size
3'4" (40 Inch)
39-3/4" Actual Size
3'6" (42 Inch)
41-3/4" Actual Size
3'8" (44 Inch)
43-3/4" Actual Size
4'0" (48 Inch)
47-3/4" Actual Size

Available Door Heights

Actual height is 7/8" under nominal door size. Standard undercut is 3/4" + 1/8" clearance at top = 7/8"
6'8" (80 Inch)
79-1/8" Actual Size
7'0" (84 Inch)
83-1/8" Actual Size
8'0" (96 Inch)
95-1/8" Actual Size
*Custom Door Widths and Heights upon Request.

Fire Rating Options

Our commercial grade doors can withstand the spread of fires to the architectural grade standard fire rating of 90 minutes. We carry fire rated doors with custom options including stain finishes, sizing, and non-existing hardware. The most common application for a fire rated door include commercial openings needing to meet code requirements or any opening that needs to be protected from a potential fire hazard from spreading. 
non fire rated
45 min fire rated
60 min fire rated
90 min fire rated