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How Do You Inspect Door Quality?

Before and after purchasing your door, it's in your best interest to know how to check for quality. As the manager of a business or property, you know your doors need to hold up to significant wear and tear without breaking down. A flimsy, low-quality door won’t last long in high-traffic areas.

Being able to confirm that your purchase is up to your standards will ensure both your satisfaction and the functionality of your commercial door. Thankfully, inspecting your door for quality isn't a complicated process.

Start With a Visual Inspection

While commercial doors typically enjoy safe and secure shipping, there is always room for the unexpected. The first thing you should do is take a long hard look at your commercial door. Do the individual components appear to be in good condition? Are there any scuffs, scratches, dents, cracks, or breaks along the door panel?

If your door includes a glass kit, look for cracks, scratches, or imperfections in the enclosed glass panes. Metal components included with the door should not be bent out of shape, rusted, or corroded. Finally, ensure that all parts of your kit arrived and that they are ready for assembly.

Test the Moving Parts

Once your commercial door is set up, it's time to test its functionality. Your door should be able to glide freely on its hinges. There should be no issue opening or closing the door. If your door features a handle, it should be easy to turn to open the door. If your door features a crash bar, you should have no difficulty pushing it in to open the door.

Overhead closers should gently guide the door to the closed position without help. The latch should easily catch when closing. Before moving on, inspect your donor's locking mechanism. Confirm that the keys provided fit the lock and that they can successfully lock and unlock your doors.

Install the Door

Some defects might not make themselves known until you've assembled and installed the final product. Confirm the size and dimensions of your door to ensure that what you received is appropriate for the frame in which it’s going to be hung.

Once your door is in place, check to see how it looks in the frame. It should be perfectly square with the frame. If your door is jamming or sagging, there may be an issue with the hinges.

Confirm You Received the Correct Style of Door

Most commercial doors come in two flavors: wood and steel. However, there are grades of each to consider. Did you order a fire-rated commercial door? Check the included paperwork to confirm that what you received is, in fact, what you ordered.

Check the Condition of the Frame

The frame that comes with your commercial door should be squared, with no signs of warping or damage. If the frame you selected is a welded metal door frame, there should be no visible seams at the corners of the frame.

The Difference Between High-Quality and Low-Quality Doors

Lower quality doors tend to use lesser materials and designs. Low-quality wood doors will be hollow, featuring only a wood veneer to give off the appearance of wood. High-quality wood doors feature a solid core, lending them a satisfying weight, extra security, and durability and helping them resist the spread of fire.

One can say similar things for steel doors. Higher gauge steel might sound nice, but the gauge number is a measure of thickness instead of quality. A higher gauge number is actually thinner than lower gauge steel.

18 gauge is the standard for high-quality steel doors, coming in at 1/20th of an inch thick. Superior steel doors will feature a hollow shell filled with insulation for better heat retention.

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