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How Often Should Commercial Doors Be Replaced?

There are many reasons why a business owner has their commercial doors replaced. Maybe your current building is old, the doors are not well maintained, or your profession requires that your commercial doors meet specific medical safety codes. Perhaps you want to fine-tune the atmosphere of your business. 

Whether you’re completing large-scale renovations or a doors-only upgrade, it’s time to replace your commercial doors. Some basic information helps. If you still have questions or are ready to schedule an order for new commercial doors, CDF Distributors ships fast and is prepared to help.

Do I Need To Replace My Commercial Doors?

Like any part of your business, commercial doors that get regular maintenance last longer than doors that go unnoticed until they break. Doors can last 20 to 30 years, depending on material and level of maintenance. 

That means that the easy answer to the question, “How often should my commercial doors be replaced,” is when the door is outdated or when it breaks. However, age and function aren’t the only reason that doors get replaced. There are several reasons why new commercial doors are a great renovation option, such as:

  • A modern appearance for your exterior and interior space
  • Higher sales and new business
  • The increased security of stronger materials and lock innovation
  • Meet all the highest fire safety standards
  • A variety of affordable options are available

Don’t overlook the opportunity to give your commercial building a facelift with new interior and exterior doors. Rather than an expensive renovation of your business exterior, new commercial door installation to meet top trends in commercial office doors can give your business the modern, stylish look your clients and visitors will respond to.

When to Consider Repairs

Before you commit to replacing your commercial doors, it’d be wise to consider whether you need to do that. Maybe your current doors simply need repair! 

If the look of the doors isn’t the issue and function is, then repairs are a suitable first step. Below are some common problems that require repair to maintain your commercial doors’ quality and life. 

Insulation Quality Is Poor

When commercial doors age, poor or degraded insulation can be a problem. A sign that your insulation needs inspected is higher energy bills caused by leaks of temperature-controlled air. A trained technician will check and repair the seals and insulation of your commercial doors if possible and recommend replacement if repair isn’t feasible.

Does Not Meet Reasonable Security Standards

If your commercial doors have old or damaged locks, they may not be strong enough to protect your assets from theft or damage. Faulty locks may have malfunctioning parts that can be replaced, or else you can have your technician perform a total lock replacement. If the locks on your commercial doors are showing signs of age, maintenance and repair can help. If your locks are too old, a technician will likely tell you that it’s time to replace your commercial doors.

Parts of Your Commercial Doors Are Defective

Do your doors malfunction because of faulty parts like missing screws, sticky tracks, rusty springs? With regular maintenance, little issues like those listed here don’t turn into big issues or big problems. Your technician will do repairs and get your doors working smoothly again. If your commercial doors are too far gone for that, then they will advise commercial door replacement. 

Your Need More Privacy and Quiet

If your business means that you manage a professional office space that needs privacy and quiet, repairs to your door can help. Regular maintenance addresses and prevents issues like doors that won’t shut or broken glass with minimal disruption. If a technician can’t fix the current commercial doors you have now, your staff and clients will be bothered by disruptive noise, and it’s time to consider replacement as an option.

I’m Ready To Replace My Commercial Doors

Now that you have some new information, you can decide if it’s time to enhance your business and replace your commercial doors. The next step is to contact an expert who can help you determine what kind of doors are right for you. Call or contact CDF Distributors now for more information if you feel that replacement of your commercial doors is the right choice for your business. 

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