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How To Become A Bike-Friendly Business

Cycling is a growing trend for millennials. Experts predict fewer youth will obtain their drivers’ licenses in favor of healthier biking options. By catering to the increasing cyclist population, business owners can increase sales and help to improve community health.

Several studies reveal cyclists spend more on an average day and make more frequent visits than their driving counterparts. Retail shop case studies show sales boosts where nearby bike lanes planted. Bicycle tourists, or "credit card cyclists" on spend between $100 to $300 daily on food, lodging and other items. With clear economic benefits ahead, start with a few simple steps to widen your door and become a more bike-friendly business.


When catering to cyclists’ needs, a little goes a long way. Organizations such as the Bike League and American Trails work to incentivize and provide resources to encourage more bike-friendly businesses. Several deserving businesses are rewarded and recognized in press releases for their efforts in community transformation. When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, try some of these cheap and easy ways to being welcoming cyclists into your shop.

1. Create Bike Parking

Provide a convenient stop location by placing a bike rack or bike parking spot outside your front door. By providing parking options, you demonstrate your concern for their comfort and safety. This courtesy accommodates cyclists while increasing brand trust and loyalty.

2. Have Repair Supplies Available

Simple breakdowns could leave cyclists stranded or in other uncomfortable predicaments. Go the extra mile to meet their needs by including a simple repair kit behind the counter, available upon request. Items such as a tire pump or a basic patch kit will solve several quick repairs. It also helps to know nearby repair shops for more complex issues.

3. Provide Biking Directions

On your website, include a brochure map with directions for ease of access. Cyclist maps should include length, difficulty and route type. Remember the fastest route or straightest line is not always the best option. Additionally, including options for nearby attractions will make visiting your business more attractive. Show them what other errands or sites they could visit near your location.

4. Utilize Bike-Accessible Doors

Much like becoming handicap-accessible, ensure your doors are wide enough to allow easy entry. Customers may feel more comfortable storing their bike inside the building, depending on the location. Also, consider hanging a “bike accessible” sign to make your customers more aware and clearly show your cyclist accommodation efforts.

5. Add Bike Lanes

Retails stores located close to bike lanes will notice a boost in sales. Through city funding petitions or personal efforts, pushing to add more bike lanes will definitely encourage cyclist shopping. Not only is sidewalk biking against several state and local laws, but also its unsafe for pedestrians.

6. Support Local Community

Encouraging cyclists does more than increase sales. By promoting the lifestyle for big picture community success, you can help create a healthier, happier city. Some businesses have chosen as far as offering discounts to incentivize cyclist shoppers. Others have entered for prizes and recognitions through organizations such as the Bike League, which also provides resources and education for increasing bike-friendliness.

With just a few steps in the right direction you can cater to cyclists' needs and enhance your company branding. Support the cyclist lifestyle for a happier community and stronger local economy.

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