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How to Choose Commercial Wood Doors for Your Business

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is dressing it up with a new and classy entrance. Most people don't realize that customers make a judgment about a business they walk into within the first seven seconds. It takes people less time than that to decide about the caliber and trustworthiness of a company once they’re past your entryway.
People who come to your business location provide you with the unique opportunity to impress them with your products or service. But without the right business environment to help you make a positive impression, you may lose a new customer and the business they would have given you. Commercial wood doors help you make that positive impression.
In business, sometimes you never get a second chance. Wood doors used in commercial buildings and properties speak of class and value. What’s the impact of wood doors on commercial businesses?
Commercial wood doors speak to a customer of your elegance, class, and professional environment. Read on to discover more about how to choose the best commercial doors for your business.
Commercial Wood Doors
Commercial wood is the standard that’s often measured by its ability to offer your business great worth and elegance with first impressions. Commercial wood doors are used on both interiors and exteriors of commercial buildings. Some commercial wood doors are fire rated for between twenty to ninety minutes of provided in control in its spread.
Commercial wood doors are available through some suppliers with glass kits, louvers, and transom lights for almost any business or commercial application need. If interested in a wood door for your business, you want a door that has a solid core and can fit in any room application you need it. You also want the Wood Door Institute's testing and rating, so you know the viable benefits of the commercial door.
Also, you need to make sure whatever door you select has testing and ratings if at all possible from:
The Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
If the commercial door you select has a passing rating after its been tested by all the above, you have a commercial door you don't want to walk away from.
Benefits of Choosing Commercial Wood Doors for Your Business
You want to make sure you understand what limitations and benefits the commercial wood door has on your commercial space. That means you need to weigh and understand that weather conditions and sunlight exposure and impact the wear and tear on your exterior wood door. Also, if you have a lot of traffic around your office, this can cause an environmental impact on the finish of the wood door.
You want to consider how big your business entryway is and a few other things that may be particular to your office location. If you want the wood door to be custom designed or have embellishments, you need to have a firm idea on how that impacts your commercial wood door safety ratings. Regardless of all the above, there are always benefits and disadvantages to various types of commercial doors, no matter what they’re made of.
You just need to figure out what works best for your business needs and then begin the process of finding the supplier that can make it happen for you. The most commonly requested commercial wood doors are:
Solid wood door
Commercial wood door with glass
Commercial wood doors with louvers
Pre-finished wood doors
Each one of the commercial wood doors above can usually be shipped quickly, and what you save with some prefinished wood doors is always worth considering.
Commercial Doors Come in Five Types
Every business environment benefits from the natural beauty of commercial wood doors in both its hue and design. The entrance to your business inside a commercial building never speaks as loud as it does when a customer is walking into it. Commercial doors are broken down by six types of doors they are and what they're made from.
You may want to improve any of the commercial doors listed below with auxiliary security options. A few things you can do to help commercial door safeguards are:
Use only commercial grade locks
Reinforce your door frame
You also may want to install security hardware, which prevents people from picking or destroying the lock on the commercial door to access your offices inside.
Commercial Wood Door
The commercial wood door is usually made from thin sheets of wood that wraps around the solid wood core. The door's core base is made of particle board or solid wood. Sometimes the wood door has a core made of pressed mineral products like vermiculite. 
Most wood doors are used on a business interior office entryway. This provides the office with a sense of elegance with a rich wood appearance for customers. Commercial wood doors can also be used as an exterior door, but when used as an exterior door, it's not as durable or secure as other commercial door materials. 
Commercial Steel Door
The commercial steel door is made from steel sheets wrapped around the door's core. The door's core is usually labeled as hollow, but really it contains foam insulation or a honeycombed resinous core. Commercial steel doors are very secure and last a long time. 
The lifespan of a steel commercial door is so long it's a very cost-effective method to consider. Especially if your business has a firm budget and you need extra security or cost-effectiveness.
Commercial Aluminum Door
The commercial aluminum door is used the most frequently in commercial buildings. That's because aluminum looks clean and sleek. It cleans easily and can also allow light into buildings helping to give it an open and airy look.
The commercial aluminum door is also pretty easy to maintain and doesn't require any special upkeep like painting or staining. Most are fire rated for up to an hour, which can cause issues with meeting many commercial building fire codes.
Commercial Fiberglass Door
Commercial fiberglass doors are used by many businesses because they are very long-lasting doors. Almost every fiberglass door requires little to no maintenance and sometimes can even outlive steel doors. If you have a business that gets a lot of traffic and has a lot of various weather conditions impacting it, fiberglass doors are an option to consider. 
The one true downside to fiberglass doors is they can be quite costly.
Commercial Glass Door
The commercial glass door are almost always used on interior business entryways. Most commercial businesses don't want to use them for their exterior doors because they aren't as secure. Also, weather elements can seep in through the glass.
The buildings that do use glass doors use safety glass in it, which helps reduce injury rates if the glass shatters. The problem with a lot of commercial glass doors is they aren't fire-rated doors, which can cause a lot of commercial building issues.
Commercial Overhead Door
If you've never heard of a commercial overhead door, you're not alone. Commercial overhead doors are usually made from sheets of steel, and you see them most of the time at loading docks. Many times they are in the back of a store or building.
They allow for large loads or large objects to be brought into a business. Overhead doors slide up or down towards the ceiling or floor. Many commercial buildings think of these doors as a storage area, loading, and delivery area or even as garage doors.
The Fire Rated Commercial Wood Door
Fire-rated commercial wood doors serve the same purpose as regular commercial doors. The difference is when you buy a fire-rated commercial door, you can purchase it pre-fitted and already fire-rated. Fire-rated commercial wood doors must be labeled as such. 
The fire-rated commercial wood door will have a label that includes the manufacturer, the length of time the door can resist fire, and whether or not the door has fire exit hardware with it. An unusual fact most people don't know is some fire rated commercial wood doors have a temperature rise rating or is a smoke door assembly. If the commercial wood door has a door assembly rating, it is usually a lower rating than the door itself.
Fire-rated doors are usually versatile enough to be used in the most elegant of offices. Fire-rated doors can also be used for a warehouse or industrial building. The fire-rated commercial wood door can fit into whatever purpose a commercial building needs.
Your Next Step in Getting a Commercial Wood Door for Your Business
If you're interested in adding the benefits of elegance and durability with functional abilities, a commercial wood door may be your solution. A commercial wood door in your company’s entryway can help you create the environment your business deserves. Whatever type of commercial door you want, CDF Distributor has you covered.
If you want to learn more about commercial wood doors, please reach out to us. The professionals at CDF Distributors can answer your questions and give you viable commercial wood door solutions. CDF Distributors can also give you the descriptions, functions, and design of every commercial door offered.
When doing business with CDF Distributors, there's no stone left unturned, or door unlocked. Find out how your business can make a lasting impression on customers with a commercial wood door that resonates quality.  

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