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Replacing Your Commercial Doors Can Breathe New Life Into Your Office Space: Here’s Why

Commercial Glass Storefront Doors

If you’re tired of driving up to your place of business to behold outdated designs, worn-out hardware, or even cracked panes of glass, it’s probably time to consider replacing your commercial doors. Not only is it easier than you think (especially with the right commercial door supplier), but it also has a lot of benefits.

Better Security

Old commercial doors usually carry old hardware. Locksets wear out, hinges eventually break down, and door closers simply give up. If you’re having trouble with your hardware, it’s a sign that an update is needed. 

You need an update because if you trust that old hardware to stand up to a break-in, you could be asking for trouble

If you really sit down to think about every exterior door in your building, you’ll be able to think of at least one that has problems. There’s always that one that regularly jams, doesn’t shut all the way, or needs special attention when it’s time to lock up for the night. 

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and that one problematic door could cost you big one day if you put off replacing it for very much longer. You can upgrade your doors, hardware, and security with a new investment today. 

Greater Efficiency

Cracked panes and missing weatherstripping aren’t just annoying to look at or drafty to be around. 

When you consider all the energy your building needs to function properly for your employees and your customers, you can see how important it is to stay on top of your maintenance. A big part of that checklist is securing every point of ingress and egress.

It’s a great idea to walk the property and assess each exterior door for integrity and performance. Inspect door closers, ensuring each one is effectively closing its door, even in high winds. Check your weather seals and make sure there are no missing or voided areas that could compromise your building’s efficiency and weather tightness. 

If you find problems, make a note and order new doors or hardware as soon as possible. Heating or cooling a building made of Swiss cheese gets expensive quickly.

Fire Safety Compliance

It’s entirely possible that your commercial building doesn’t meet fire codes. 

Changes were rolled out in 2016 that were either ignored or missed by a lot of professionals in the industry. The global pandemic produced its own fire safety issues, increasing people’s capacity to neglect “small” issues and decreasing the number of personnel available to perform inspections. 

The point is, checking in with a fire safety professional about whether your doors are up to snuff would be a worthwhile phone call to make. 

Fire doors are an extremely important — if low-tech — element of commercial building safety. They must never be locked and must seal tight to withstand (typically) three hours of fire. Are your commercial doors ready for anything? If they aren’t, it’s time to replace them.

Updated Designs

When your customers pull into a parking space for the first time, they may not realize it, but they are making assessments and judgments about the quality of your business based on what they experience. As your prospects pull your front door open for the first time, what do they think of you?

If one part of your commercial door pull has worn down to shiny aluminum while the rest has stayed its original color, it’s possible that you’ve made a bad impression on your customers. You can alleviate this impression by updating your look with new commercial doors.

Today’s designs are sleek and modern. They compliment any exterior color smartly. There are too many options to list, but rest assured that you’ll find something to inspire confidence in your customers the next time they walk through your doors.

CDF Distributors: Your First Call Company

When you’re ready to shop for and explore the possibilities regarding your own commercial door replacements, the first call you need to make is to CDF Distributors. We make it easy to select, customize, and ship the exact doors, door packages, and hardware you need. Take your building’s doors from borderline to brilliant with CDF Distributors today.

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