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Avoid fire disasters early


Keeping up morale in the workplace can be tricky, but there are some quick ways to improve in unexpected places: the bathrooms. Take care of your employees’ most basic needs during vulnerable moments.

Following through with details will not only increase morale but also will improve privacy, safety, happiness, productivity and ultimately company sales. Don’t forget that potential clients and customers are likely to utilize the facilities as well. Save everyone’s rear end with these four easy quality assessments.

Clean and Tidy

To ensure a safe and comfortable experience, the facilities should be regularly kept up. scrubbed, stocked and aesthetically appealing. Check out nearby cleaning services and arrange for a weekly cleaning crew to service your building.

Local cleaning companies will service your organization without requiring a long-term contract for a certain number of cleanings. These routine cleanings will also prevent the spread of germs and resulting sick days.

A Schedule For Cleaning Improves Results

Outside of weekly professional cleaning, basic restroom upkeep (i.e. stocking and general tidying up) should happen on a daily basis. Keep a quality plunger within view in cases plumbing malfunctions occur. Taking this preventative action will save your employees from potentially embarrassing situations.

Additionally, this courtesy will make a positive impression on future clients or customers who also use the facilities. An unkempt restroom will speak louder than your words ever could about the way your company does business.

Quality Paper

When it comes to toilet paper, don’t be a cheapskate. No one likes roughing it with the 1-ply paper that rips easily and sticks in uncomfortable places. Spend the extra few dollars for quality and thickness. People often use less 2-ply tissue paper, further diminishing the price gap.

Either way, you’ll spend approximately $30 on paper per person. Get the best, and people will be happier. Loyalty points are won with small acts of kindness, like quality tissue paper.

Install Dividers

Urinating should be a private event, where men feel comfortable and confident. Despite this cultural norm, open walls of urinals still exist in many public restrooms.

Sometimes architects like to get creative and futuristic in their bathroom vision. While outside-the-box thinking helps business, restroom layouts should be traditional. A desire to cut corners and save money is another reason some urinal walls are built without stall dividers.

In a recent online survey, several men indicated an inability to urinate without protective dividers due to anxiety and vulnerability. To maintain the trust and respect of your employees, install quality commercial stall dividers between each urinal.

Avoid Peepholes

Improper installment of urinal partitions may lead to large gaps of space and unnecessary problems. Too much distance between the walls and bathroom partitions compromises user privacy and security. These gaps allow anxiety and vulnerability to prevail, which diminishes worker morale. The lack of follow through in quality placement could also lead to potential HR issues.

If you’re seeking quality meeting space for your organization, you clearly care about the needs of your employees. Go the extra step to ensure their basic needs are met, and you will effectively boost morale and increase the bottom line.

Where any business is concerned, first impressions are vital to a successful operation. The front door to your business is always the first object any potential customer sees. How does your door compare to your neighbors? The company down the block? Are you pulling in enough customers?

Whether you’ve been struggling to bring in clients or wanting to improve your walk-in numbers, here are four ways having a custom door can improve your stats.

Branding is Everything

Bright flashing colors or solid modern designs are what makes your brand stand out from the rest. What better way to show the public who’s building is who’s than to craft your brand into your front door? With custom models built to your designs you can engrave, carve, or splash your logo right onto your front door.

The reality of online marketing is that your brand recognition can give you a competitive advantage over "no-name" competitors. The more recognized your brand name, and the more closely associated it is with your product the more visitors will arrive on your site through a Google search ready to purchase.

Increase Your Office Workflow

Carrying a stack of documents across a busy floor is a roll of the dice in most buildings, but with some clever door designs you can prevent paperwork accidents and improve productivity. Automated doors are handy for fast-paced environments but hands-free doors also make for sanitary workplaces. A simple door pedal or foot operated mechanism can keep your doors swinging while keeping your hands free to hold all those important files.

Impress Business Partners

Who hasn’t experienced that important job/venture meeting gone wrong when a work appliance doesn’t operate at a critical moment? Keeping your doors in top shape can help you keep your potential partners interested in a well-run business. Not to mention impressing them with sleek styles and fluid motions. Make sure your next hire-on is impressed and confident in their choice of work with a well put-together office space.

Safety First

No matter what kind of building you have, from a home office to a company high-rise, your doors are a key safety and security feature. If a sudden earthquake or tornado threatens to impede your day how is your workplace going to hold up? Doors especially offer a one of a kind safety net for earthquakes by providing cover under their frames. Well-maintained doors can also make sure that everyone can reach safety should evacuation be needed.

A tightly locked door can also play an important role in keeping your important files and documents out of reach from public access (or nosy children).

Watch as your business flourishes with these simple additions. From public marketing strategy to safety and security, your doors pull more weight than you think. Give them the credit your company deserves and start drafting some of your own door designs.

When your customers visit your business, you want them to have an excellent first impression, right? With our commercial grade glass doors, you'll be able to do just that. Regardless of your business you'll see the tangible benefits from installing a commercial glass door from CDF distributors.

We have the experience, expertise, and excellence to have you stand out amongst the competition and leave a lasting, first impression. Read on to learn more about our offerings and how we can help your business sparkle and shine.

Sturdiness and Security: Representing Your Business, Psychologically

When you have a secure and sturdy glass door, it can be a great reflection of how your business operates. There are many benefits of having such a door, yet one of the most tangible benefits is in the intangible, psychological aspect of the door itself. Similar to how a luxury car door shuts securely and has a strong weight to it, our doors embody the same classic feeling.

We design our doors to withstand the elements of Mother Nature and we also focus on providing owners and customers of businesses with some of the highest quality materials you'd expect from a group such as CDF Distributors. All of these aspects combined yields an intangible psychological impression which further extends beyond the physical appearance of the door.

Your customers will subconsciously be attracted to the fine quality of our commercial grade glass doors and be enamored with the overall feeling they have when entering your business.

Prevention of Theft

Commercial glass doors represent a stronger security standpoint as mentioned above and with this comes the reduction of theft from possible robbers. Robberies often occur with a business which appears to be vulnerable, so let us further protect your vulnerabilities with our high-quality, commercial glass doors.

Our product is built to last and with this lasting quality, it may intimidate potential robbers from breaking into your place of business. This valuable trait of our doors is worth more than the door itself as nobody wants to experience a traumatic event such as a robbery.

So do yourself a favor and consider CDF distributors for your commercial grade doors, today!

The concept of “desperate times calling for desperate measures” has always been somewhat of a recurring theme throughout history and seemingly become the theme in most current events news.

When faced with dire circumstances, taking equally dire action is necessary to survive. It also insinuates an improvised reaction to something unexpected and extreme, rather than freezing up and panicking in the face of adversity.

Thinking About Security Before It's Needed

It’s no secret that we belong to an unpredictable and eruptive world culture, but despite how frequently horrific tragedies like mass shootings and terrorist attacks occur at any given point on the globe, it’s impossible to be fully prepared for them at all times and in all conceivable places.

It has been expert-proven that threat assessment and preparation can drastically decrease the element of surprise and the number of casualties usually involved in these circumstances. But what happens when it’s 2 a.m. on a run-of-the-mill Sunday morning and everyone is rel?

As was tragically proven at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub or even at the Parisian Bataclan last November, most cases of extreme violence and surprise attack can be matched, in the moment, only by instinct and readily available resources--but, as we’ve also seen happen too many times, those resources are usually lackluster at best when faced against assault weapons.

So, in cases like these, what’s a person to do to survive?

Most research and expert opinions will stress some combination of fleeing, sheltering and/or defending (if it comes down to it) in the event of a mass attack.

“Your options are run, hide or fight,” Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said on an episode of 60 Minutes aired in November 2015 shortly after the deadly Paris attacks, echoing the United States Department of Homeland Security’s 2013 funded message of “Run, Hide, Fight.”

“I always say if you can get out, getting out’s your first option, your best option,” continued Lanier. “If you’re in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there.”

However, in most circumstances where guns are involved, trying to overpower an attacker isn’t a viable option, especially if it’s a one-on-one scenario. Additionally, while fleeing the scene and searching for help is certainly the best option, exits normally become hotspots for fire once the gunman has established him/herself on the premises. Exits are prone to severe bottlenecking when everyone runs in the same direction at once, making the likelihood of getting wounded while trying to flee the building much greater. This leaves a third--and more common--option, which is to take cover and keep from being seen.

While experts like J. Pete Blair, the executive director of the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center at Texas State University and co-author of Active Shooter: Events and Response, warily calls hiding a “passive action,” it is, more often than not, the only available and safe solution.

Anyone who studies the matter will tell you that buying time is the key to successful hiding; you want to give yourself enough time to clear your head and assess the situation and your available options.

This, however, is where the main problem with hiding comes into focus: where, in a normal public setting, is one to hide in order to remain out of sight and buy enough time to either craft a game plan or wait for police intervention?

After all, time is of the essence, and when dealing with one or more attackers, there isn’t much of it available. Finding a place that offers the most opportunities for reaction in the least amount of time can be the ticket that stands between a good and bad outcome.

Most places like a nightclub, restaurant or concert venue do not have an array of desks or other heavy objects to hide behind, and concealing oneself underneath something like a table or a bar does not offer enough seclusion to stay out of harm’s way for long. Active shooters commonly look for higher casualties and less effort. The more barricaded you are, the better.

Which is why in cases such as the Paris attack and, more prevalently, during the Orlando shooting, seeking refuge in a public bathroom is a go-to instinct, especially when these are often the only accessible places in which to find a split second of reprieve when exits are being blocked and access to other rooms isn’t an option.

Since there are usually no alternative exits in restrooms, most experts advise against seeking one out and running the risk of being cornered at a dead end. However, toilet partitions can be tools used to an advantage when push comes to shove and desperate times start calling for desperate measures.

They’ve even started implementing bathroom safety tactics in places like preschools, instructing young children on how to properly hide in a bathroom during a lockdown procedure in the event they can’t manage to get anywhere else.

Even so, it is important to take this material with a grain of salt. This article is not intended to serve as an ultimate guide to surviving a large scale attack, and should not be read as such. Previous experience and strategic logic have shown that public bathrooms are not the ideal place to run during an attack because there are limited chances for escape and no alternative routes out.

But, when resources are limited as they often are, it’s important to know the what the options are for the one resource that’s almost always readily available.

Not all toilet partitions are made equally, and some of the flimsier materials won’t offer the same type of aid the more sturdy installations can afford. The amount of success you’ll have utilizing bathroom stalls as a tool in an emergency comes down to elements of design and manufacturing.

In a previous article written to break down the viability of commercial door protection against an active shooter, we highlighted the integral difference between cover and concealment when seeking shelter as described by Shooting Illustrated. Simply put, cover protects, concealment hides. Knowing the difference between the two is eminent in how you proceed after hiding, specifically in bathroom stalls.

Most bathroom stalls will not offer much in the way of protection from a stream of bullets, especially if a high caliber weapon is being used. Partitions are popularly made from some sort of powder coated metal material, which contains a light honeycomb core and is not likely to do much in the way of stopping or severely halting a bullet from any type of weapon.

More solid materials like stainless steel may stave off some of the impact, which might be enough to evade major damage or fatal contact, but none will provide a complete block to ammo. Concealment and a few precious moments of added time are what a bathroom stall has the capacity to offer you.

While single occupancy stalls and full-height doors and walls are becoming much more popular public restroom designs for privacy concerns, many venues still have and continue to install standard-height powder coated metal partitions to save on cost and increase efficiency.

These are more conveniently installed, but are much more accessible to an intruder. This is the type of stall design the Orlando victims sought refuge within. Since there are large gaps from the material to the floor and the ceiling, the more successful hiders are the ones who position themselves so they can’t be seen.

In this scenario, crouching on top of a toilet seat and making yourself as small as possible will make you much harder to detect in the event that the shooter enters the restroom and does a quick scope of the area. Most active shooters prioritize quantity over quality and go for easy victims, meaning the more invisible you can make yourself the less likely they are to seek you out in a crowded environment.

An example of this strategy in action comes from the night of the Pulse nightclub shooting when Orlando, a 52-year-old patron of the club, crammed himself on top of a toilet in a separate, smaller stall so the shooter couldn’t see his feet. He managed to survive the attack. This, of course, can be attributed, to a certain extent, to good fortune, but this tactic, and separating from a more conspicuous crowd of people, was able to buy Orlando extra time until police arrived and pulled him out.

Remembering to crouch on top of the toilet and contort your body to as small a position as possible will allow you to be less of a target if and when bullets start flying haphazardly.

Since typical toilet partition materials are not manufactured in a way to withstand rapid fire, acknowledging that stall unit and partition design and installation have everything to do with helping to prepare an environment for safekeeping is necessary in this conversation.

Many of the design elements that help to conceal individuals in the event of a shooting also overlap with much of the design reform happening as a result of the privacy concerns wrought by the transgender bathroom wars. Precautionary privacy measures are certainly beneficial in a public restroom setting for many reasons, violence security now being one of them.

Just as in the realm of privacy concern, single occupancy stalls are certainly the most desirable in the event of an active shooter as there are solid walls and a door with a secure lock involved.

While commercial wood doors (which are typically used on bathroom stalls) will rarely stop a bullet from entering, the thickness and sturdiness of the material will ultimately slow the bullets down, making it much more likely that if the individual inside is hit, it will not break the skin. The sturdy lock on the door and virtual inability to see inside the stall without forcing the door open make it infinitely more difficult for a shooter to gauge if there’s anything worth reaching on the other side. In this case, the shooter will most likely turn the other way rather than waste time trying to jimmy the lock or waste ammo shooting aimlessly toward the other side.

Full height stalls and doors in a multiuser bathroom can be just as effective in this capacity, as these still typically have solid doors with solid locks and thick walls that can more effectively sustain bullet fire (though this shouldn’t be relied upon as a tried and true shield). The more enclosed and secure the stall, the more individuals that can successfully hide within the unit without it becoming too conspicuous and attracting the attention of the shooter.

Unlike the instance in Orlando during which a visibly overcrowded handicap stall attracted the interest of the assailant, ultimately leading to more fatalities and a hostage situation, multiple bodies crammed into a fully enshrouded stall doesn’t look or seem any different to an outside viewer than if one person were hiding out. So long as everyone silences cell phones and keeps their mouths shut, this can be an effective--albeit last resort--way to protect a lot of people when other solutions are few and far between. However, in the unlikely event that the shooter does start randomly firing at stall doors, a more crammed stall increases the likelihood that serious or fatal injury will occur to the individuals standing closest to the doors.

When full height or single occupant stalls with commercial doors and locks are not an option, there are ways to upgrade standard partitions to increase the overall privacy and, therefore, the visible accessibility into the stalls. Partition distributors often offer elite grade panels and hardware that increase the height of side and door panels while also making the gaps between the door and side panel virtually nonexistent. The security of a full-length door and walls is no longer as strong, but the significant increase in stall height and decrease in visibility into the stall make it much more difficult for a shooter to gauge whether or not someone is hiding on top of a toilet seat.

By definition, a fire rated door is an entryway or door manufactured with the purpose to resist spreading fire if any part of your commercial structure catches fire. If a fire breaks out in your kitchen, with fire rated doors in place, and with all doors closed, the fire will take longer to spread to the dining room and break room.

CDF distributors proudly carries the largest variety of commercial fire rated doors in the industry. The most popular door sizes of hollow metal doors, wood doors, glass doors and louver options are always in stock - available, ready for super rush shipping to your job site.

Commercial Fire Safety

All commercial properties in the United States must be inspected annually by the National Fire Protection Association. The underwriters laboratory agency decides whether any specific door model reaches the fire resistance ratings acceptable within the United States. The fire ratings for doors are based on time.

CDF's metal doors (both single and double doors) ratings consist of 20 minutes, 45 minutes, 90 minutes or a 3-hour rating. CDF distributor's fire rated wood doors come with three options: 20, 45 and 90 minute ratings.

These time-based tests are based on the timed exposure of flames the door and assembly can handle; examining the hardware, wall and door assembly as written in the building code standards. The doors are put into a large furnace to properly test the door against its specific rating.

When deciding upon any specific given door model it's important to understand that "UL 20", for example, means the underwriter's laboratory has tested the door at 20 minutes of fire resistance.

Materials Used in Fire Rated Metal Doors

The standards of how our hollow metal doors and frames are made determine the level of fire safety protection in terms of UL safety ratings.

Example materials used to make our doors include galvanized, galvannealed, cold rolled, and hot rolled steel materials. Every single one of our doors go through an extremely diligent testing system, not only testing our materials against fire, but, also, testing the closing devices used and more.

Fire Rated Door Labels

All fire rated doors within the United States must be labeled with a permanent label which must remain legible. In addition to fire rated doors, fire rated door frames must also include a permanent readable label.

While each door manufacturer must meet the UL criteria and are often part of a standards organization like the Steel Door Institute, hollow metal door ratings and tests are conducted by independent, internationally known labs.

An example of one of CDF distributor's fire rated door labels can be seen below.

Fire Rated Doors Aesthetic Appeal

When mapping out your building's customer or employee experience and aesthetics it's important to think of the details and materials, not only for function but also for aesthetics. To meet most fire requirements, you do not have to sacrifice aesthetics for safety.

CDF distributors always keep commercial fire rated wood and steel doors in stock, however, if these typical-fire-safe-doors do not fit the design of your building's corridors, we also offer wired glass and clear high-temperature fire rated glass options.

Another fire safe option CDF distributors ships to your business are fusible link louvers, which can be added ventilation to a room or closet door which would otherwise be closed off or used on a mechanical closet to seal off the room in the event of a fire.

CDF Distributors provides everything to make sure your building's hallways, stairwells, and other corridors are matching to fire code requirements.

Checking Building Codes For Fire Doors

Your building code mandates the required fire resistance rating of a wall in each particular location, and it also states the required rating of the opening protective, or fire door assembly. As an example, here is a table below from the 2009 international building code (IBC) which in detail describes the required fire resistance rating of fire door assembly for each type of wall.

Requirements on what type of door used are often based on the use of a building, as well as how many people will occupy it during a given time. Always ask your building professional for more information. Be sure to always check with your local building code authority to confirm fire door requirements in your location before the unthinkable happens.

Fast Shipping

We understand the importance of fire safety in commercial properties and the importance of getting your life and revenue saving products delivered quickly. If you're in a church, school, office space, retail shop, or any other commercial building CDF distributors will deliver your doors locally in Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, New York, Nashville or Chicago. For those anywhere else in the United States, we offer affordable shipping rates and efficient delivery through FEDEX freight delivery.

When it comes to taking care of commercial properties, way too many property owners and managers are overly focused on only maintaining the buildings they’re in charge of. Building maintenance is essential, but make sure you don’t overlook the grounds of your property or else you could be making a negative impression on visitors, customers, tenants, and potential buyers.

When visitors come to your property, if all they see is dead grass and a few trees, they’ll start making assumptions about your business based on that first impression. If your landscaping is neglected, they’ll assume that the buildings and businesses are also. When visitors are presented with attractive landscaping upon entering the grounds, they can sense the care and attention that you put into your commercial property.

Enhancing the landscaping of your commercial property not only creates a better impression on people, it also increases property value. In fact, well designed and maintained landscaping has one of the highest returns on investment when compared to other property improvement projects.

With benefits like these, there’s no good reason to continue putting your landscaping off. If you’re not sure what landscaping improvements will have the most impact or how to start the process, here’s a quick guide to help you out.

It’s Gotta Be Green

Making improvements to the landscaping of your commercial property doesn’t have to be complicated. The number one way to improve your business’s curb appeal and raise your property value is to keep the grass looking its best.

That doesn’t mean your maintenance crew has to spend every waking hour waiting for weeds to pop up to catch them before they spread. Producing a yard that your customers, tenants, and visitors will admire just requires:

Having your maintenance team care for the grass isn’t expensive, but it does require an investment of their time. If you prefer to have your maintenance crew attend to other matters, there are more options available; you could hire a reputable lawn-care professional to keep your landscaping looking its best.

If the grounds of your commercial property are in rough shape and you’re looking for a quick-fix, having sod installed might be a good option for you. This is especially true if you’re looking for new tenants or selling your commercial property soon and you need green grass fast. The cost of sod installation is relatively low considering how quickly you get the ideal lawn and the high return on investment.

Add Variety to Your Landscape

If your commercial property has grass and nothing more, it may be easier to maintain but it will leave your grounds looking plain and unappealing. Add a little more life and color to your landscaping by planting trees, flowers, and shrubs; that will make your commercial property look lively and inviting.


Adding a few trees to your grounds will make a huge difference when it comes to beautifying your commercial property. Most people prefer to visit areas with mature trees that provide shade while removing carbon dioxide and pollution. Trees are a unique asset because, unlike other additions to your property, they actually increase in value over time.

If the grounds of your property already contain mature trees, make sure that your maintenance crew takes proper care of them so they remain healthy. Trees need plenty of water in order to thrive so keep them watered and place mulch at the base to retain moisture.

Mature trees also need to be pruned to remove dead limbs and encourage growth, but be careful not to cut them back too much. Over-pruning can negatively affect a tree’s health, structural integrity, and appearance. If you have any doubts about your maintenance team’s ability to properly prune trees, contact a reputable local tree trimmer.

Flowers & Shrubs

When it comes to selecting flowers and shrubs for your commercial property, make sure that you have a thorough plant strategy in place. It’s best if you choose plants that are not just visually appealing, but hardy, low-maintenance, and seasonally balanced as well.

You’ll want your landscaping to look good year-round. Instead of selecting plants that only flourish in the spring and summer, choose a variety of flowers and shrubs including those that’ll remain attractive throughout the fall and winter. If you’re not sure which plants will work best for your specific climate, consult with your local garden center or a professional landscaper.

To make your flower beds even more visually appealing, have your maintenance crew spread mulch between the plants. Not only does the mulch create a more uniform and professional look, it also helps the plants hold onto moisture. Mulch is an inexpensive addition to your landscaping that will work to increase your property value.

Create an Appealing Outdoor Common Area

When it comes to the exterior of your business, healthy grass isn’t all that customers, employees, tenants, and prospective buyers are looking for. They want an attractive outdoor area that’s ideal for taking a break, enjoying the scenery, and socializing.

If your commercial property does not currently have an outdoor seating area, you might want to consider adding one. Patios, gazebos, and other seating areas are a good investment because they recoup more than the amount it costs to have them installed.

Outdoor areas with added functional or ornamental features recover even more of their initial investments. A pergola, dining area, or water feature is certain to increase the value of your property and impress visitors and tenants alike.

The ideal is to create a space that serves as an outdoor oasis. If you’re limited on how much you can invest and want to keep your upgrades simple, stick with adding some benches or a gazebo. Even with that straightforward upgrade, your commercial property value will increase.

Light It Up

With all that you’re doing to improve the aesthetic value of your commercial property, you don’t want to let all your beautiful landscaping work disappear when the sun sets. Add outdoor lighting to your landscape will make a lasting impression any time, day or night.

Lighting can be used to highlight the most attractive features of your property. For example, you can place focus on your gazebo by hanging lights from it or have a light directed at a prominent tree on your grounds.

Lighting is also functional; well-lit grounds allow people to locate your business more easily, discourages intruders, and makes visitors to your property feel safe.

Landscaping: An Investment Worth Making

Don’t let the condition of your landscaping keep you from finding tenants, attracting customers, or selling your property at a decent price. Your grounds have loads of untapped potential. Invest a bit of time, attention, and money into your landscaping, and you’ll soon be reaping the rewards.

Renovating and building to suit a commercial space is just as formidable if not more so than a residential space.  There’s several things you need to know before beginning the renovation that you should be aware of in 2017.

Get To Know Your Contractor

You need to know who’s doing the work.  In renovating a home you can sometimes get by doing some of the contracting yourself.  If you get it wrong then you have to live with it and pay.  However, on a commercial building you really want a point person to run everything (and you hold that person accountable).  

 A good commercial contractor will know what and how things need to be done and have everything from the electricians to knowing what kind of commercial doors need to go on the building. As well as someone who will itemize their bid for your job with a line item for:

Architectural Styling

Identifying architectural styles is traditionally accomplished by looking back in time to see what style movements have emerged over the years.

Since the Modern style is ever evolving to reflect modern thought and sensibilities, there isn’t always a consensus as to what constitutes this movement. This is also true for other styles as well. It’s important for the contractor and architect to be on the same page about styling.

You also need to potentially adhere to style limitations applied by the city! If you're a business in Santa Barbara, CA for example you're going to be using a LOT of stucco and red tile to match the Mediterranean style.

Know What Building Codes Apply

More importantly, the building codes need to be followed and in most cases updated.  This usually is very significant.  A commercial building in your area  might it might require different elements than Detroit real estate would.  Fire ratings, building occupancy review, plumbing, new electrical and even “green” elements are all part of commercial now so you need to have the contact number of your local permit office and even better your cities planning commissioner's direct contact information.

Determine Your Budget

It is important to determine how much your commercial renovation project will cost the company. You'll usually have the option to bring in a construction estimator to do this which a commercial construction company can usually coordinate with you.
After calculations are completed and you're armed with a figure that allows breathing room for potential unexpected costs, you are able to seek a loan if necessary. With your construction blueprints and financing secured, companies can get bids from several commercial constriction contractors which allows your to make a sure decision on the best company for the job.

Business security is a critical concern for many business owners as well as for managers responsbile for their premises. Showing up to find missing inventory is a worst case scenario that can be easily prevented by being proactive about reviewing your building security, so let's get started!

Determining Your Overall Level Of Security Needs: Analyze Your Perimeter

“The best planned security systems and security procedures lose their effectiveness if they are not continually monitored”

Reviewing Your Building Security

Once you've reviewed the perimeter then start with controlling all of your entry points. This means you need to have the right commercial doors and locks. Locks that have been designed for commercial businesses are very different from those that have been designed for residential use. It may seem intuitive but  business owners should only buy locks that are meant specifically for commercial businesses, and not cut corners.

Selecting locks for Commercial Properties

You're going to need to review your options when it comes to locks for commercial businesses to guarantee security for all of your entry points. This is going to vary greatly depending on your type of business and level of security you're planning to provide.

Benefits & Challenges Of Keyless Entry Systems

This type of locks are in many ways ideal for areas that require a high level of security. This is because you can distribute access to specific individuals and monitor their entry and egress. You can utilize a number of different basic mechanisms like key cards, biometrics, entry codes and FOBs to grant entry.

The downside to this is an additional layer of management for ensuring that only the right people have the specific codes, and have in place steps to handle system errors that might keep out someone incorrectly.

Just Because It's Locked Doesn't Mean It's Secure

Locks are nice. But really when it comes to security, it's much more about who has access, because people are the biggest security liability. Here's a checklist to make sure you have all your ducks in a row when it comes to considering human liability when it comes to security issues.

There are several more steps you can take to secure your property, if it's that high of a business priority then consider hiring a security service or engaging a business security firm to do a thorough security audit so you can rest assured and get on with your day to day business.

When your business is growing, potential customers will want to see what’s going on; even after-hours. When you choose commercial glass storefront doors, you’re not only choosing quality, affordability, and craftsmanship; you’re choosing to allow your potential customers to have a greater insight into your business.

Having a beautiful, clear view into your business can allow you to promote an inviting and friendly environment for all of your patrons.

Having a door without a clear view is the bodily equivalent of having your arms crossed during a conversation.

You want to be accepting and welcoming to your customers, right?

The Psychology Behind Windows & Doors

According to research regarding the importance of doors, windows, and living/working spaces in general; we need clear views to not only feel comfortable and invited, but also to satisfy primitive needs. It’s said the majority of human beings feel much less stress and anxiety when they have a clear view inside or outside of a building or business.

When we are presented with what is in front of us without obstructions or blockades, we’re able to better discern what we should expect when entering a doorway.

This stems from our primitively based aversions to uncertainty. When we have a clear choice and direction of where we want to go, we’ll most often choose that door instead of the door with no window.

Not only will our doors psychologically and subconsciously reduce your potential customer’s underlying anxiety or uncertainty when entering your business; it will also provide a stylish alternative to many of the mainstream options when selecting a commercial glass storefront door.

Style Matters

Style is everything. When one does not have style and chooses only functionality, things can become a tad bit boring. Check out your available options for commercial glass storefront doors have modern designs and modern functionality.

We are simply the best choice if you desire form and functionality. Every business from from chiropractors to jewelry stores to startups can utilize a high-quality, stylish door to enhance their business

Making The Best Choice for Your Layout

With CDF, you not only obtain quality with affordability, but our products are all rigorously tested and we offer free shipping!

The choice is clear with CDF and it’ll only be clearer once your beautiful, sparkling, new, commercial, glass door arrives at your place of business.

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