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Commercial Exit Door Hardware

Commercial exit door hardware isn't top of mind, but when you need it, you expect it to perform flawlessly. Rely on CDF to deliver the best exit door hardware, commercial leversets & more for your door. Pair your commercial exit device with our new exit pull trim options.


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Standard Product Description

Auxiliary and primary locking
Available trim - Wrought brass, stainless steel or bronze
Steel, zinc dichromate plating

Satin Chrome


Door Fire Rating Options

Our commercial grade doors can withstand the spread of fires to the architectural grade standard fire rating of 90 minutes. We carry fire rated commercial doors with custom options including stain finishes, sizing, and non-existing hardware. The most common application for a fire rated door include commercial openings needing to meet code requirements or any opening that needs to be protected from a potential fire hazard from spreading.
non fire rated
45 min fire rated
60 min fire rated
90 min fire rated

Why Commercial Exit Devices Matter

Commercial exit devices – often referred to as panic bars or crash bars – play a critical role in ensuring safety in commercial environments. These devices, which are strategically installed on doors, offer a streamlined and efficient means of exiting a building in an emergency, such as a fire, earthquake or security threat. In these circumstances, the swift evacuation of the premises can significantly reduce the risk of injury or loss of life. Aside from facilitating quick and orderly evacuations, these exit devices also comply with fire safety and building regulations, helping businesses to maintain their operational legality. Furthermore, they often feature built-in security measures to prevent unauthorized access, making them – along with commercial deadlocks – an integral component of a comprehensive security strategy. Thus, a commercial door exit device is pivotal not only for meeting legal requirements but also for ensuring a safer and more secure environment for all occupants.

The Many Applications for Commercial Door Exit Devices

In commercial environments, the optimal placement and installation of exit door hardware are paramount to ensuring the security and safety of the building's occupants. Commercial door exit devices, designed to provide a quick and efficient exit path during emergencies, are typically installed on doors that lead to safe exit routes. The following list outlines all potential places where commercial exit devices should be installed:

Main Exit/Entrance Doors: The doors most commonly used for entry or exit should always be equipped with a commercial door exit device.
Emergency Exit Doors: These are the doors explicitly marked for use in emergencies and typically lead directly outside or to a safe, open space like a stairwell.
Stairwell Doors: Doors that lead to stairwells in multi-story buildings are critical for ensuring safe evacuation and should therefore be equipped with commercial exit devices.
Doors to Large Gathering Spaces: Spaces like conference rooms, banquet halls, theaters and auditoriums where many people gather must have doors with exit door hardware for quick evacuation.
Doors Leading to High-Risk Areas: If a commercial building houses potentially hazardous areas such as laboratories, kitchens or manufacturing floors, the doors leading to these spaces should have exit devices.
Doors in Long Corridors: In large buildings with long corridors, doors leading to exit paths should be equipped with exit door hardware.
Exit Doors in Underground Facilities: Facilities such as basements or underground parking lots should have doors with commercial exit devices.
Fire Doors: Any door that is designed to act as a barrier to stop the spread of fire and smoke within a building should have commercial exit door hardware installed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Exit Door Hardware

Following are questions often asked about exit door hardware. Please reach out if you have additional inquiries.

Commercial exit devices can be installed on most types of doors, including wood, metal and glass. However, the specific type of exit device used may depend on the door's material and design.
Many exit devices can be connected to an alarm system. This feature can be useful for security purposes, as the alarm will sound if the exit device is activated, alerting security personnel to a potential unauthorized exit or entry.
It's recommended to have a regular maintenance schedule for your exit door hardware. Depending on the usage and environmental conditions, professional inspections and maintenance should typically be carried out annually, but in high-traffic or harsh conditions, more frequent checks may be required.

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Secure Your Building With Reliable Exit Door Hardware From CDF

In the fast-paced and unpredictable world of business, it's essential to prioritize the safety and security of your premises and people. Installing high-quality exit door hardware is a critical step in this process. By investing in durable commercial exit devices from CDF, you're not just ensuring compliance with fire and building safety codes but creating a safer environment for everyone who steps into your building. Contact our team today to learn more about our selection of top-tier exit door hardware, and let us assist you in creating a safer, more secure commercial space.

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