Commercial Wood Doors

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Single Commercial Wood Doors

Starting Price $134.00

Starting Price $249.00

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Double Commercial Wood Doors

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Commercial Wood doors are widely recognized as a great value in the commercial door industry. Our commercial wood doors are most commonly used on the interiors of a commercial building, and in fire rated door openings as they provide a low cost way to handle fire ratings of up to 90 minutes. CDF offers fire rated wood doors ranging from 20 min to 90 minture to help control the spread of fire and smoke. Commercial wood doors are available with glass kits, louvers, and transome lights for any commercial application.

Our commercial wood doors are made using a solid core construction, and can be stained to fit any application. Our suppliers manufacture to the strict guidelines of the Wood door institute, and test their products with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Call Size Width Height
2068 2'0"(24in) 6'8"(80in)
2468 2'4"(28in) 6'8"(80in)
2668 2'6"(30in) 6'8"(80in)
2868 2'8"(32in) 6'8"(80in)
21068 2'10"(34in) 6'8"(80in)
3068 3'0"(36in) 6'8"(80in)
3468 3'4"(40in) 6'8"(80in)
3668 3'6"(42in) 6'8"(80in)
3868 3'8"(44in) 6'8"(80in)
4068 4'0"(48in) 6'8"(80in)
Call Size Width Height
2070 2'0"(24in) 7'0"(84in)
2468 2'4"(28in) 7'0"(84in)
2670 2'6"(30in) 7'0"(84in)
2870 2'8"(32in) 7'0"(84in)
21070 2'10"(34in) 7'0"(84in)
3070 3'0"(36in) 7'0"(84in)
3470 3'4"(40in) 7'0"(84in)
3670 3'6"(42in) 7'0"(84in)
3870 3'8"(44in) 7'0"(84in)
4070 4'0"(48in) 7'0"(84in)
Call Size Width Height
2080 2'0"(24in) 8'0"(96in)
2480 2'4"(28in) 8'0"(96in)
2680 2'6"(30in) 8'0"(96in)
2880 2'8"(32in) 8'0"(96in)
21080 2'10"(34in) 8'0"(96in)
3080 3'0"(36in) 8'0"(96in)
3480 3'4"(40in) 8'0"(96in)
3680 3'6"(42in) 8'0"(96in)
3880 3'8"(44in) 8'0"(96in)
4080 4'0"(48in) 8'0"(96in)