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Where are you located?
We have eight distribution centers strategically located around the country to serve you. You can find our warehouses in Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA; Easton, PA, Chicago, IL,Dallas, TX, Denver, CO; Ontario, CA; and Seattle, WA.
Do you install?
We are a distributor only and do not install.
Do you know someone who installs?
Unfortunately, we do not. We work with hundreds of contractors and do-it-yourselfers around the country, but we do not keep a list of installers by area.
Can we send plans to you for takeoff?
Yes, you can, at We will review your plans to make sure it is within our scope, and if so, we will do the takeoff and email an estimate back to you.
Can you come out and measure and do a walkthrough at the jobsite?
No, we can't. Our sales office is in Nashville, TN, and all other warehouses are distribution only.
What is your lead time?
It is our goal to be the fastest in the industry. That being said, we have developed several different lead times to help you get your product quickly. From next-day shipping on some items, to expediting special orders, we have you covered no matter your situation.
Can I order parts only?
This depends on the type of part you need. Most of the products we carry are packaged as a unit, so we are unable to break these up for individual sale. We do not carry replacement parts at any of our warehouses.
What is your return policy?

What is your cancellation policy?
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions page on our website.
Can I pick my order up from your warehouse?
You can, depending on your location and the product mix we have at that location. Sometimes we still have to ship based on what you need if we do not stock that particular item.
Are your doors for exterior use?
Yes. We primarily stock galvaneal metal doors for exterior use.
How do I determine the door handing?
Please refer to the Help Center on our website. You can open and download our Door Handing Guide to assist you.
What is the weight of a door?
Each door weighs approximately 70-80 lbs. on average.
What is the weight of a frame?
Each frame weighs approximately 40-50 lbs. on average.
Do I need fire-rated doors?
This will depend on where the door and frame are located within the building. You may need to consult with your local fire marshal where this is concerned for the appropriate codes.
Can I just buy a fire label?
CDF is a Warnock Hersey label shop, but we are not allowed to sell just labels to a customer, nor are we certified to install labels at the jobsite. It must be labeled properly before it ships.
What forms of payment does CDF accept?
CDF accepts all Major credit cards as well as checks with authorization.