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how to pick the right commercial door

How To Pick The Right Commercial Storefront Door

The history of architectural design is very vast and surprisingly, there were times where the outsides of a building had zero meaning about its purpose. Many companies now want to go with a powerful and contemporary look to match the businesses’ strength and core team values. However there are also offices which specifically want a […]

3 Uncommon Facts About Steel Doors

A well known fact about steel doors is their extreme durability. Something which is less known about steel doors is that they require little to no maintenance. CDFPartitions carries more than commercial steel doors: commercial wood doors, aluminum glass storefront doors, fire rated doors, hollow metal doors and more including hardware. A handy definition to […]

10 Commercial Door Definitions

When dealing with commercial doors, it’s important to know a vast amount of commercial door terminology to properly describe your project. A confusion from terminology gone unanswered could lead you to purchasing the wrong goods. Get to know your future investment by familiarizing yourself with the 10 helpful commercial door definitions below. Some of these […]

5 Reasons New Commercial Doors Should Be Your 1st Renovation Option

Whether you’ve been in your building a long time or perhaps are moving into an older building renovations are a constant part of commercial building “life.” Changes from tenants past, updates to code or simply time make it a necessary part of every business’ budget. One of the more overlooked parts of that is the […]

How are steel doors made?

How Hollow Metal Doors Are Made

Since the 40’s, technology has greatly improved how commercial hollow metal doors are made. The manufacturing process includes nine steps before a metal door is shipped out to be installed at a job site. First off, the process starts with the raw materials. The standard material for a commercial metal door is galvanealed steel. What Is […]