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How are steel doors made?

How Hollow Metal Doors Are Made

Since the 40’s, technology has greatly improved how commercial hollow metal doors are made. The manufacturing process includes nine steps before a metal door is shipped out to be installed at a job site. First off, the process starts with the raw materials. The standard material for a commercial metal door is galvanealed steel. What Is […]

Tips for Keeping Steel Doors Looking Their Best

Steel doors, whether they’re used for commercial or residential applications, are great choices for strength and protection. It’s much harder for a person to gain entrance when a steel door is in their way as opposed to a wooden door. However, no entryway is immune from the elements or human error. If you want to […]

Avoid fire disasters early

Avoid Financial Disasters with Our Doors

Primary Prevention is Key When you choose to invest in an accessory for your growing business, you’re choosing an option which will provide you an extended lifetime value. This LTV will ultimately allow you to have the luxury of having the accessory pay for itself during the total LTV (lifetime value) of the accessory. With […]

How To Stop Flushing Morale Down The Toilet

Keeping up morale in the workplace can be tricky, but there are some quick ways to improve in unexpected places: the bathrooms. Take care of your employees’ most basic needs during vulnerable moments. Following through with details will not only increase morale but also will improve privacy, safety, happiness, productivity and ultimately company sales. Don’t […]

safe transport

4 Simple Security Measure For Improving Office Safety

Many home and office spaces are full of logistical accidents waiting to happen. From doors that swing out into busy walkways to sharp desk corners, a workspace can be a dangerous place if you’re not careful. By implementing these simple safety features you can improve your chances of avoiding injury at work.   Corner Padding […]