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sustainable containers

Steel Shipping: Why These Containers Are Ideal for Sustainable Construction

There’s an object that you’ve probably seen a million times on trains and barge boats but never thought twice about: steel shipping containers. The containers have just recently been generating attention as the ideal, inherently eco-friendly construction material. Repurposing Shipping Containers Repurposing these containers has become a growing trend as well as a social movement […]

steel construction

Building Steel: 5 Reasons This Construction Material Rocks

The structural reliability and durability of any commercial construction is key and mustn’t be taken for granted. You should be confident that your construction can withstand any form of elemental hazard. Construction safety is crucial. For this reason, the best choice is steel construction. You can avoid all the loss that comes with elemental hazards […]

tiny housing

Steel Shipping Containers: The Tiny House lifestyle empowers a brighter future

Affordable housing is difficult to find. Especially when it comes to downtown apartments, as luxury high-rises are constantly being erected. There’s a fast-paced life happening all around you, and you just need some space to exist. Most Americans spend between 1/3 and 1/2 of their income just to put a roof over their heads. With […]

home construction

6 Ideas for Value-Adding DIY Home Improvements

Home improvement doesn’t need to be overly expensive to increase or optimize sale. Small construction and DIY project can go a long way in attracting prospective buyers to your house and give you a good paycheck – even more than you expect. 1.  Replace Your Front Door Your front door is one of the most […]

solar construction

Solar Energy Spreads into Accessible Environmentally-Friendly Construction

Within the construction industry, innovations are always being made. There’s a constant influx of technology, equipment and systems to improve development. However, the topic of environmentally-friendly designs can often get swept under the rug. Construction firms often don’t seek out the additional inconvenience, and customers don’t want to pay more. But what if there was […]