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Commercial Metal Doors

With Glass Kits

From $314 Base Price

Trying to install doors and frames at a jobsite is hard enough, but when you have to install glass as well it can go from hard to sometimes very difficult. Knowing what type of glass to use and the size you will need to match your window frame can be a pain as well. CDF offers the option of eliminating one step in that process by installing the proper rated glass and glazing materials to conform to the newest building codes for both fire and safety. Installing the glass at the factory makes your job easier, and saves time which saves you money. We offer a full line of tempered, insulated for exterior, and wire or clear pyran-platinum glass for fire rated doors.

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Steel Door Glass Kit Options

6" x 27"
12" x 12"
Half Glass
Full Glass
6" x 27"
12" x 12"
Half Glass
Full Glass
Size Options
Steel Door with Glass Kits Description
- 18 Gauge A40 Galvaneal Door
- Interlocking Edge Seam with square hinge and beveled lock edge
- Polystyrene or Honeycomb core
- Prime painted
- up to 3 hour label (ITS/WHI)
- Heavy gauge closer reinforement
- 16 gauge inverted top and bottom caps
- 10 gauge min. hinge reinforcements
- Available glass types - tempered glass, wire glass, Power and Platinum glass, insulated glass
- Available glass sizes - (6"x27"), (12"x12"), half glass, full glass

Available Door Widths

Actual width is 1/4" under nominal door size, to allow for 1/8" clearance on hinge and strike sides.
2'0" (24 Inch)
23-3/4" Actual Size
2'4" (28 Inch)
27-3/4" Actual Size
2'6" (30 Inch)
29-3/4" Actual Size
2'8" (32 Inch)
31-3/4" Actual Size
2'10" (34 Inch)
33-3/4" Actual Size
3'0" (36 Inch)
35-3/4" Actual Size
3'4" (40 Inch)
39-3/4" Actual Size
3'6" (42 Inch)
41-3/4" Actual Size
3'8" (44 Inch)
43-3/4" Actual Size
4'0" (48 Inch)
47-3/4" Actual Size

Available Door Heights

Actual height is 7/8" under nominal door size. Standard undercut is 3/4" + 1/8" clearance at top = 7/8"
6'8" (80 Inch)
79-1/8" Actual Size
7'0" (84 Inch)
83-1/8" Actual Size
8'0" (96 Inch)
95-1/8" Actual Size
*Custom Door Widths and Heights upon Request.