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Commercial Door Stops

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Commercial door stops are must-haves in high-traffic areas where hand carts and delivery drivers laden with packages continually pass through doorways. CDF has the perfect solution, with a heavy-duty commercial door stop. Order yours today!
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commercial door stops

Satin Chrome


Commercial Door Stop With Kick-Down Feature

These mechanical devices are installed at the bottom of the door, featuring a hinged, spring-loaded foot that swings down to hold the door open at a desired angle. If you've ever ridden a bicycle with a kickstand, you know how our commercial door stop works. Open your door, position it where you want it, and tap the stopper with your shoe. The rubber foot holds the door in place beautifully. It's such a simple device but so ingenious – and much better than rubber door stoppers that slip and slide.

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commercial door stops
commercial door stops

Benefits of Our Commercial Door Stopper

Along with leversets, closers and other hardware, a commercial door stopper is a vital component in various business environments where unrestricted door movement needs to be controlled. Following are some of the benefits of our commercial kick-down door stops:

Ease of Use: Commercial door stops are straightforward to operate, requiring just a simple foot action to kick down or lift up the stop.
Durability: These door stops are made of robust materials, enabling them to withstand heavy use in commercial settings.
Safety Enhancement: Commercial door stoppers prevent doors from closing unexpectedly, thereby avoiding potential injuries.
Convenience: They allow doors to remain open for extended periods, facilitating easy movement, especially in high-traffic areas or when carrying items through doorways.
Versatility: A commercial door stop can be used on various door types and floor surfaces.
Minimal Maintenance: Once installed, they require little to no upkeep due to their sturdy construction.
Cost-Effective: They are a relatively inexpensive solution for managing door movement in a commercial setting, providing long-lasting utility for a one-time investment.
Space Efficient: They take up very little space, unlike door wedges or other door stoppers.
Noise Reduction: Commercial door stops can reduce noise caused by doors slamming shut.
Aesthetic Considerations: Our commercial door stop is available in a satin chrome or bronze finish to complement the door and overall interior design.

Frequently Asked Questions 
About Commercial Door Stops

Following are a few of the questions we've received about commercial door stops.
Please let us know if you need more information about any type of door hardware we provide – including locksets, exit devices and door hinges.

A commercial door stop with a kick-down feature is quite versatile and can generally be used on a wide variety of floor surfaces. However, you should check the product's specifications or contact the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with unusual floor types.
These door stops are relatively easy to install and come with instructions. You'll need some basic tools like a screwdriver and a drill. However, if you're uncomfortable doing it yourself, hiring a professional is best.
The best type of door stop depends on your specific needs. If you frequently need to hold doors open in high-traffic areas, a durable and easy-to-operate door-mounted stop is ideal. A commercial floor-mounted door stop is excellent for preventing doors from hitting walls or furniture, but while less conspicuous, it may pose a tripping hazard. A commercial wall-mounted door stop is the most discreet option, but it's designed to prevent door handles from damaging walls, not to hold doors open.

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The Commercial Door Stops Here – at CDF Distributors

Whether you're looking to control the movement of doors in high-traffic areas, prevent door damage or protect your walls, CDF Distributors commercial door stops get the job done. Check out our complete selection of door hardware today to ensure your doors operate smoothly and efficiently!

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