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Commercial Deadbolt Lock

When it comes to room privacy and building security, this deadbolt lock is the winner, hands down. From light to standard commercial duty, deadbolt locks from CDF Distributors will hold steady. If you're serious about privacy and security, we've got the deadbolt door lock for you.
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In addition to commercial deadbolt locks, we have other types of locksets — and the hardware you need to set up your door and make sure it's secure:

Standard Product Description

  • Auxiliary and primary locking
  • Available trim - Wrought brass, stainless steel or bronze
  • Non-Handed
  • Steel, zinc dichromate plating
  • Two operating keys supplied per lock

Satin Chrome


Door Fire Rating Options

Our commercial grade doors can withstand the spread of fires to the architectural grade standard fire rating of 90 minutes. We carry fire rated commercial doors with custom options including stain finishes, sizing, and non-existing hardware. The most common application for a fire rated door include commercial openings needing to meet code requirements or any opening that needs to be protected from a potential fire hazard from spreading.
non fire rated
45 min fire rated
60 min fire rated
90 min fire rated

Indicator Deadbolts

Status indicators can be used in a variety of applications and are most commonly used to identify occupancy status of a room. These deadbolts provide a bold visual indicator on both the inside and outside of the door as a standard feature to communicate the door status while providing ultimate privacy assurance.

Typical Applications:

Quiet Rooms
Nursing Mother's Rooms

Dependable Deadbolt Locks With Everything You Need

To meet your specs, we offer several commercial deadbolt locks in various sizes. The deadbolt lockset size is based on the thickness and backset of your commercial door.
Each standard deadbolt lock package includes auxiliary and primary locking along with two operating keys per lock. Deadbolt door lock features include:
Non-Handed Locking
Steel Construction
Zinc Dichromate Plating
To ensure our deadbolt matches your décor, we offer lockset trim in three different colors:
Wrought Brass
Stainless Steel
commercial door hardware

Single-Cylinder vs. Double-Cylinder Deadbolt Locks for Doors

The two types of deadbolt door lock are the single-cylinder and double-cylinder. A single-cylinder deadbolt lock has a keyhole on the outside of the door and a thumb turn on the inside. The more secure deadbolts for doors are double-cylinder, which require a key to unlock. A double-cylinder deadbolt has a keyhole on both the inside and outside.

Single-Cylinder vs. Double-Cylinder Deadbolt Locks for Doors

Accredited by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA®), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) develops and upholds performance standards for locks, exit hardware and other devices. Deadbolt locks for doors are graded 1-3:
Grade 1: Commercial grade, the most secure locks for doors that require the highest level of security.
Grade 2: Suitable for most residential uses.
Grade 3: Adequate for low-security applications.

Secure Every Entryway With a Dependable 
Deadbolt Lock From CDF Distributors

Make sure your doors are as secure as possible with deadbolt locks from CDF Distributors. We have reliable hardware solutions for every door, whether it's at the entrance to your building, a stairwell or a conference room. Speaking of doors, we can help you there, too – we have metal and wood doors that can be made to your specifications. Let us know what you need so we can get started today!
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