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Commercial Door Closer

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Each commercial door closer from CDF is engineered for reliability and performance. With a focus on durability and easy installation, our closers and commercial door closer parts come with the assurance of fast shipping and the lowest prices, backed by instant pricing options for a hassle-free shopping experience. Order yours today!.
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Commercial Door Closer

Standard Product Description

Closer body & Closer cover
Main arm assembly
Standard screw pack
Parallel arm bracket
SNB screw pack for 1-3/4"(44mm)door
Full rack and pinion operation
Precision machined, heat treated steel piston
Triple heat treated steel spindle

Satin Chrome


Door Fire Rating Options

Our commercial grade doors can withstand the spread of fires to the architectural grade standard fire rating of 90 minutes. We carry fire rated commercial doors with custom options including stain finishes, sizing, and non-existing hardware. The most common application for a fire rated door include commercial openings needing to meet code requirements or any opening that needs to be protected from a potential fire hazard from spreading.
non fire rated
45 min fire rated
60 min fire rated
90 min fire rated

High-Performance Commercial Door Closers

Commercial door closers are an essential device for metal and commercial wood doors.

They're designed to automatically close a door after it's been opened, ensuring the door is securely shut. This mechanism has a crucial role in maintaining building security, fire safety and energy efficiency. By controlling the closing speed and force, a commercial door closer prevents slamming, minimizes wear on the door hinges and helps to soundproof rooms by ensuring doors close softly but firmly. Moreover, they're integral in fire safety, helping to contain fires by ensuring doors close automatically in emergencies, a vital feature in public buildings and busy commercial spaces. CDF Distributors offers a commercial door closer for every need, providing functionality, safety and compliance with ADA accessibility standards.

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Commercial Door Closer
Commercial Door Closer Parts
Commercial Door Closers

Our Commercial Door Closers Are Hard at Work

Commercial door closers are essential devices that can be found in just about every industrial and commercial location. CDF Distributors offers door closers suited to these diverse requirements, ensuring every commercial space maintains its integrity, safety and operational efficiency:

Office Buildings: Seek sleek, efficient closers that complement professional aesthetics while providing secure and reliable door control.
Industrial Settings: Opt for robust, durable closers that can withstand the rigors of heavy metal doors and extreme usage.
Government Buildings: Security and adherence to stringent fire safety and accessibility codes are paramount for closers in these structures.
Schools: Prioritize safety with closers that have controlled closing speeds to prevent injuries and ensure quiet study environments.
Hospitals: Require closers that can accommodate high-traffic and heavy-duty use, providing ease for both staff and patients.
Retail Spaces: Need closers for storefront doors that balance security with ease of access for a positive customer experience.

Commercial Door Closers FAQs

Below are answers to common questions about commercial door closers.
If you'd like more information, please contact CDF Distributors' door experts at (629) 300-3667.

Selecting the right commercial door closer involves considering the door's size, weight and usage frequency. CDF Distributors offers instant pricing and assistance to help you find a door closer that meets the specific needs of your commercial setting, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with safety standards.
CDF Distributors' commercial door closers can be paired with fire-rated doors, which are crucial for areas requiring adherence to fire safety regulations. These closers work in conjunction with doors rated for 20, 45, 60 or 90 minutes of fire resistance to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke​.
Our commercial door closers come with installation instructions, and many individuals with DIY experience can install them. However, for optimal safety and performance, it's recommended that a professional handle the installation, especially for closers that are part of a fire-rated assembly or in high-traffic areas​.

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