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Falcon Door Hardware

CDF Distributors takes pride in offering premium Falcon door hardware. Falcon – part of the Allegion group of companies – is renowned for its durable locksets. Reliable, high-security Falcon commercial door hardware has ANSI/BHMA certification, giving you assurance and confidence in your investment. Whether you're seeking to secure your institutional or commercial facility, Falcon is a brand you can rely on. Check out our Falcon door hardware today at CDF.
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Falcon Commercial Door Hardware, a Reliable Security Solution

Quality and durability come standard with all Falcon commercial door hardware.

Falcon manages your property security needs, whatever level of protection is required. With reliable and secure access control, any business or organization can benefit from using Falcon door hardware. Our collection of premium Falcon locksets is specially designed for industrial and commercial properties, making it the perfect choice for office buildings, healthcare facilities, educational systems, correctional facilities and retail stores. When it comes to your security system, Falcon commercial door hardware is a must-have.
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Falcon Commercial Door Hardware
Falcon Hardware
Falcon Door Hardware

Falcon Hardware Advantages

For reliable protection and ease of use, Falcon locksets are a perfect choice. Thanks to its many solid features, Falcon is ideally suited for both commercial and residential applications. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that Falcon excels regarding the following advantages.
Durability: Falcon door hardware is built to endure heavy usage. Because they're constructed using high-quality materials, Falcon products provide the durability you expect from a respected commercial door hardware company. Whether you're looking for the highest level of protection in a Grade 1 lockset or a Grade 2 lockset that gives you standard resistance, Falcon has got you covered.
Functionality: Innovative lockset design puts Falcon door hardware at the forefront. Falcon locks secure your door and protect your property year in and year out. For superior protection, install Falcon hardware in one of our commercial hollow metal doors.
Security: You can feel good knowing Falcon is on the job. Falcon hardware has the necessary security features to protect your property from attempted break-ins.
Warranty: For added peace of mind and assurance of quality, Falcon locksets are typically backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Falcon Door Hardware

Below we answered some of the questions we've received about Falcon door hardware.
Feel free to reach out if you want more information on any of our products.

Choosing the proper Falcon lockset for your facility will depend on several factors, including:
Type of Door: Is it interior or exterior? Single or double door?
Security Level: What kind of assets are you protecting?
Usage: Will the door be located in a high-traffic area?
While it's possible for non-professionals to install Falcon hardware, it's generally recommended that a professional locksmith or a qualified technician perform the installation. Professional installation ensures the door hardware is installed correctly and functions properly. Improper installation of door hardware can compromise the security of your facility, cause damage to the hardware or create potential safety hazards.
A few of the many industries that use Falcon door hardware include:

Secure Solutions Begin With Falcon Door Hardware From CDF

Looking for top-notch locksets that meet commercial standards? Falcon door hardware from CDF Distributors is an excellent choice. You can find Falcon commercial door hardware at competitive prices, and our knowledgeable team is always ready to provide guidance and support to help you select the ideal lockset for your specific requirements. With Falcon hardware, you can be confident in your purchase, knowing it'll provide the security and durability you need.
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