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Renovation Tips: What You Need to Know for Commercial Spaces

Renovating and building to suit a commercial space is just as formidable if not more so than a residential space.  There’s several things you need to know before beginning the renovation that you should be aware of in 2017.

Get To Know Your Contractor

You need to know who’s doing the work.  In renovating a home you can sometimes get by doing some of the contracting yourself.  If you get it wrong then you have to live with it and pay.  However, on a commercial building you really want a point person to run everything (and you hold that person accountable).  

 A good commercial contractor will know what and how things need to be done and have everything from the electricians to knowing what kind of commercial doors need to go on the building. As well as someone who will itemize their bid for your job with a line item for:

  • Demolition and hauling trash
  • Framing and finish carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • Roof Installation
  • HVAC
  • Tiling or other floor covering installations
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Drywall and painting

Architectural Styling

Identifying architectural styles is traditionally accomplished by looking back in time to see what style movements have emerged over the years.

Since the Modern style is ever evolving to reflect modern thought and sensibilities, there isn’t always a consensus as to what constitutes this movement. This is also true for other styles as well. It’s important for the contractor and architect to be on the same page about styling.

You also need to potentially adhere to style limitations applied by the city! If you're a business in Santa Barbara, CA for example you're going to be using a LOT of stucco and red tile to match the Mediterranean style.

Know What Building Codes Apply

More importantly, the building codes need to be followed and in most cases updated.  This usually is very significant.  A commercial building in your area  might it might require different elements than Detroit real estate would.  Fire ratings, building occupancy review, plumbing, new electrical and even “green” elements are all part of commercial now so you need to have the contact number of your local permit office and even better your cities planning commissioner's direct contact information.

Determine Your Budget

It is important to determine how much your commercial renovation project will cost the company. You'll usually have the option to bring in a construction estimator to do this which a commercial construction company can usually coordinate with you.
After calculations are completed and you're armed with a figure that allows breathing room for potential unexpected costs, you are able to seek a loan if necessary. With your construction blueprints and financing secured, companies can get bids from several commercial constriction contractors which allows your to make a sure decision on the best company for the job.
June 21, 2017
Wayne Foreman
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