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Wooden commercial door

There are many different types of interior commercial doors that provide options for durability and style. One of the highest quality types of interior doors is, of course, wood. Strong, durable, and stylish interior wood commercial doors are a great choice in many situations. However, how can you choose the right finish?

  1. Keep Durability in Mind

When most people think about wood finishes, they tend to think of appearance first. However, that’s far from the only reason you need the right finish for your door. Durability is just as important, if not more so, and the finish you choose has a major impact on durability and longevity.

Commercial doors stand up to a lot of punishment. It’s not a stretch to imagine individuals pushing doors open with some hard object they’re carrying at the time, potentially causing scratches. There’s also the long-term impact of moisture, cleaning solutions, and heat to worry about.

With all of these sources of potential damage and wear combined, durability should be a top consideration. A variety of varnishes and cured finishes like urethane can provide the highest level of durability protection. However, there are other options that can meet more of a middle ground between aesthetics and protection.

Wear isn’t always strictly visual, either. When a poor finish allows for damage to doors over time, it can also allow for moisture to penetrate the surface and cause the door to warp and bend. This can create issues with the door opening and closing, which could put organizations in violation of safety and access regulations.

2. Consider a Transparent Finish

The chances are that your wooden interior door will actually have several layers of finishing material. In most cases, the color or stain of the door will rely on one layer, and then an additional transparent finish will lock in that color and provide long-term protection.

Some of the most common choices for interior doors include shellac, lacquer, and wax. These can look great, but they tend to fall short in durability. They’re a great choice for residential doors that see less use but might not be able to stand up to the wear expected with high-traffic commercial doors.

A catalyzed lacquer can let your door’s color shine through while still providing lasting protection. Both catalyzed lacquer and straight lacquer dry through solvent evaporation, but catalyzed lacquers also cure through catalyzation, much like epoxies and urethane coatings. 

In general, this process results in a much more durable finish without compromising on transparency.

Urethane is generally the top-of-the-line for clear coatings in terms of durability. Most important, urethane is extremely proficient in keeping out moisture. Depending on your location and the nature of the commercial space, moisture may be your top concern when it comes to door longevity.

3. Find the Perfect Wood Tone

Taking care to maintain your doors and extend their lifespans is essential, but you also want your doors to look great, whether to improve the aesthetic of the office or to make commercial spaces more welcoming to customers.

Wood stains can provide a wide range of options for coloring while still maintaining the distinct appearance of the natural wood grain. You can choose from natural tones, light tones, dark tones, or unique high-contrast tones that add a bit more of a distinctive look.

These stains can be water-based, oil-based, or gel-based. The use of stains will largely depend on the type of wood and the specific color and finish you’re going for. However, when ordering pre-finished doors, this process is as simple as choosing the tone you like.

While wood stains look great, they don’t provide protection on their own. In fact, a clear coat is often necessary to protect that stain itself and prevent it from fading over the years. The clear coat also provides protection against moisture and other wear, so it’s always best to go with both a wood stain and a transparent layer.

Get the Perfect Fit for Your Business

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September 13, 2022
Wayne Foreman