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When you’re running a business, it is vital to create a safe and secure office space for your employees. You must guard against after-hours incidents and unauthorized access while your facility is occupied. Accomplishing this goal starts with the right door. However, even the best doors are only as good as the locksthat they are equipped with.

With that in mind, we have identified 3 important lock types that you should consider for your commercial doors. By equipping your doors with these devices, you can optimize safety, while also maintaining the aesthetics of your facility.

What is a Commercial Lock?

Simply put, a commercial-grade lock is a device that is specifically designed for use in business applications. Door locks are manufactured in a variety of grades. The specifics of each grade are defined by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). A lock’s grade is determined by its cost, strength, and durability.

Locks will be either a Grade One, Two, or Three. Grade One is the highest rating assigned by ANSI. Before a lock can receive a grade, it must be subjected to a variety of tests. For example, Grade One locks must function for one million cycles and withstand at least 10 blows at 75-foot pounds of force.

When it comes to protecting your business, do not settle for subpar locking devices. You should always opt for commercial-grade locks. High-quality locks are part of the USDA Office of Procurement and Property Management’s checklist for improving office security.

Commercial Locks

There are three major categories of commercial locks that you may want to incorporate into your office space. Each of them plays a separate role. For best results, you should utilize all three types at the appropriate locations. 

Our top three commercial lock recommendations are:


For decades, deadbolt locks have been the gold standard for building security. In fact, the basic design of these locks has remained relatively unchanged. This is because the design is extremely effective and simple.

If your goal is to keep out intruders, deadbolts are a must. You should install these locks on virtually every exterior door in your facility. You can also install them on any doors that lead to sensitive areas, such as file rooms or chemical storage closets.

When you’re shopping for deadbolt locks, avoid die-cast materials at all costs. These materials can be broken apart and are not durable enough for commercial applications. Instead, purchase deadbolt locks that are made from brass, bronze, or steel.

All of CDF Distributor’s deadbolts are made from a combination of these materials. Our locks are also certified with positive and neutral pressure ratings.


Once you have addressed major security concerns with deadbolts, you will need to select locks for standard-access areas. The best solution for your interior commercial doors is leverset lock sets.

Unlike traditional door knobs, leversets are much more user-friendly. The lever design is great for customers and employees, as they prevent the user’s hand from slipping off. Leversets are especially beneficial during an emergency, as it can be difficult to utilize a doorknob while under stress.

Leversets are easy to install and look great, too. Our leverset kits include two operating keys and are great for private offices, storerooms, and passageways.  

Door Closers

When you’re on the hunt for new locks, door closers are often overlooked. While these devices are not technically locks, they do help to keep your building secure. There are several benefits to commercial-grade door closers, such as:

Improved Fire Safety

Chances are that your office space is equipped with fire-rated doors. With that being said, even the highest quality fire-rated equipment is useless if your doors are left ajar by a careless employee or customer. Door closers can improve fire safety by addressing this all too common issue.

Reduced Heating and Cooling Costs

Your HVAC system is one of the largest sources of power consumption in your facility. The challenges of regulating temperature in a large commercial space are amplified when doors are left open. By installing door closers, you can reduce heating and cooling costs. This will save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year.

If you are ready to upgrade your facility’s locks, CDF Distributors can help. You can build a quote online or call our office. One of our friendly professionals will help you to find the perfect locking solutions for your business.






May 17, 2021
Wayne Foreman