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3 Uncommon Facts About Steel Doors

steel doorsA well known fact about steel doors is their extreme durability. Something which is less known is that they require little to no maintenance. CDF carries a wide selection of doors: commercial wood doors, aluminum glass storefront doors, fire rated doors, hollow metal doors and more including hardware. A handy definition to know when dealing with steel doors is core which means the internal construction. To familiarize yourself with more commercial door terminology review our definitions page. Below you will find three uncommon facts about steel doors.

1. Steel Doors are Bulletproof

Bullet resistance is only one reason these doors protect you and your business from burglaries. Bullet resistance testing for doors is done in specific ratings which include caliber of bullet, number of shots, and velocity for tests. They assist in building security helping save money by protecting your assets. We also recommend as a business owner you consider investing in security cameras as well.

2. Provide Safety in Natural Disasters

Depending on where your business is located there is, unfortunately, a high chance you may find yourself in the middle of a natural disaster. In the devastating and catastrophic event of an earthquake or tornado commercial frames help provide safety before evacuation. Being able to find cover in the security of a steel door frame during a natural disaster is one extra positive reason to consider a commercial steel door as the proper investment for your business.

3. Insulating Properties

Steel doors are great for protection and they are also great for insulation. When building or remodeling your business a major deal breaker is the energy efficiency and the ability to cover your cooling and heating bills. If you know about insulating, unsurprisingly you can deduct steel doors will help dramatically in environments with high precipitation and high temperatures. Commercial buildings can be not only protected from fire, bullets and natural disasters using steel doors but also insulation and protection from the world and weather outside.












August 23, 2019
Wayne Foreman

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