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There’s more to choosing commercial doors than selecting the size and style you want. First, you may have multiple doors to buy, not just one. Additionally, each door may have a different purpose and require various functions. You have to consider customization options, safety, and other factors.

The best thing to do is consider each door, one at a time. Think about your must-haves. Then review your options. After that, you can begin to consider adding on features and customizations. As you go through the decision-making process with each door, take a moment to consider the following four questions. 

  1. How Will the Door Be Used?

The answer to this question will go a long way in helping you determine which commercial door is suitable for your needs. To answer that question, you first need to answer these questions:

The answers to these questions will heavily influence where you will begin your search for the perfect commercial door. That is also the point where you will have to do some research and learn about any regulations that might apply to you.

Three of your most common materials are going to be wood, steel, and glass. Each is a good choice depending on your intended purposes for the door and the features you desire. 

Steel Doors

Steel doors are durable, strong, and secure. They work perfectly in places where security is a priority. Used as exterior doors, they also provide excellent protection against bad weather. These doors can also meet fire rating standards of up to three hours.

Wood Doors

If you purchase wood doors, you can choose between prefinished and unfinished. They have fire ratings of up to 90 minutes. Wood doors are solid, durable, and attractive. They are easy to customize and add a warm feeling to your business.

Glass Doors

You can use a glass storefront door to create a welcoming entryway into your business. It allows light and heat in. Thanks to advanced technologies, glass doors are quite strong and an acceptable security option for many retail establishments.

Door Features

Once you know the best material to use, you should consider the features your door will need to have. Some of the most common are:

Keep in mind that these can add to your overall costs.

Of course, your remodeling budget will be a driving factor as you choose the commercial door you need. Things can become costly if you need special features or customizations. That’s why it is so important to set a firm budget. Otherwise, the features you want can really add up. If possible, start shopping with a top price in mind. Then, you can use that price range to disqualify any options that simply are not feasible.

Any door you buy is going to require some kind of maintenance. That may be as simple as cleaning and oiling the hinges. The door you choose may need to be refinished or repainted from time to time. 

Consider how much use your door will get. Eventually, frequent use will lead to wear and tear issues. You can prevent some of this by purchasing a door made of durable material so that it will last longer before you need to fix anything.

Buying a Door Is a Real Commitment

The door you buy for your business is a real investment. Chances are, you will live with whatever you choose for quite some time. It’s worth the time you take to ask questions and explore your options. Don’t be afraid to ask your distributor or manufacturer questions as well.

If you need help selecting a door for your business, contact CDF. We’ll be happy to provide any information you need.









July 27, 2021
Wayne Foreman