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4 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Installing Two Sets of Entry Doors

Two Sets of Commercial Glass Doors

It's common to see two sets of entry doors on commercial buildings. Understandably to some, that may seem excessive or unnecessary. Businesses can often get by fine without both sets, but there are hidden benefits that you can enjoy if you install two. 

Here's why many businesses install two sets of doors and why you may want to consider doing so yourself.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Having two sets of entry doors means you'll also have a vestibule. Vestibules are known for being energy efficient. Without a vestibule, the temperature from outside floods inside every time someone walks in or out of the building. The constant fluctuation can cause discomfort in your business and even force your HVAC to work overtime.

Vestibules work as an airlock; the two separate entrances ensure that both doors in your business won't open simultaneously. So a significantly lower amount of cold or warm air from outside will make it through the second set of doors. With consistent temps in your building, you'll save a fortune on energy bills and improve the overall comfort and environment.

  1. Cleanliness

Hot or cold air is only one of many things outside trying to creep into your business. Sticks, stones, leaves, garbage, and other random debris can fly in with your customers when they open the front doors. You're stuck cleaning up the rubble, and if you don't have time to clean it right away, it can affect the first impression you make on anyone entering your business. 

The double-entry door solution neatly takes care of this issue. Vestibules trap nearly all random debris from the street, sequestering it to a specific area and making it a lot easier to clean. 

There's also expected to be some overlap between the outside and inside in these areas. So it's much less likely that customers would think negatively of a few sticks lying around. Vestibules are guaranteed to help you keep a handle on your company's cleanliness and keep your entrances looking professional.

  1. Security

Security is the cornerstone of running a successful business. And having a second set of entry doors helps fortify your security quickly. You can use the vestibule to your advantage during a security threat by trapping a thief or miscreant between the two doors. The vestibule ensures they won't get away and keeps them from being a threat to anyone in the store.

Security issues are more common for some businesses than others. Should the worst come to pass, you'll be grateful for having a simple way to protect your customers and help bring the criminal to justice.

Commercial doors and vestibules are also used to verify the identity of those walking into the building. The extra buffer from the second door set gives some added security while the person's identity is confirmed. Multiple security locking features are a standard for some businesses, but if yours would benefit, you'll want to get a second set of entry doors.

  1. Access to a Mudroom

Having a mudroom would be an excellent asset for smaller or mid-size businesses that focus on services for their customers. It's a place where your clients can collect themselves before they enter, knock off the dirt from their shoes, or shake off rain from their umbrellas and coats before they step into your lobby. It could even be a great temporary drop-off or pick-up point for packages. 

Mudrooms are great because they offer all the benefits listed above but on a smaller scale. It's not always justifiable to have an enormous vestibule for smaller businesses like salons or offices. But mudrooms prove that installing two entry doors isn't just useful for big box stores.

More specifically, the two sets of entry doors are valuable for a doctor's or dentist's office, where you can gather information about a patient's symptoms before they enter the building. It's still an excellent location for your guests to use hand sanitizer or cleaning stations before they enter, regardless of what kind of business you own. Are you sold on installing a second set of entry doors? Luckily for you, CDF Distributors sells the highest quality commercial doors available on the market — see our options for yourself!












January 5, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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