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Office Safety Security Measures For Improvement

Many home and office spaces are full of logistical accidents waiting to happen. From doors that swing out into busy walkways to sharp desk corners, a workspace can be a dangerous place if you’re not careful. By implementing these simple safety features you can improve your chances of avoiding injury at work.


Corner Padding


Tight, square office desks may offer a sleek and modern design to your work space, but one step in the wrong order can result in an annoying jab in the side at least and a head injury at worst. If you haven’t already swapped to a round table or desk design, consider purchasing some rounded corner pieces to fit over the sharp corners. They come in a variety of material from Styrofoam to rubber and will make sure you and your co-workers don’t end up with a sharp jab in the wrong spot.


Viewports In Office Doors


A solid wood door strikes a stunning figure in any workspace, but makes it hard to see if you’re about to smack an unsuspecting co-worker on the other side when you open it. Consider getting doors with glass or clear plastic inserts in the center to allow clear line-of-sight through both sides of the door. For those with confidentiality on the mind, choose an opaque option to allow the same level of safety without the risk of losing privacy. With plenty of models and styles available for all manner of business and personal needs, your options for increasing door safety are plentiful.


Yellow Tape


Most offices are not always perfect. Design and building flaws can cause bumps in doorways and mis-sized steps. By marking these flaws with bright yellow tape you can keep awareness of these issues present while minimizing expenditure. This provides a simple, yet highly effective, method for increasing workplace safety.


Outlet Covers


If you’ve been around a child long enough, you’ll know that their curiosity can lead to dangerous acts, especially when an electrical outlet is involved. Even if your day-to-day job doesn’t consist of handling small children, consider covering electrical outlets with small, plastic plugs. When not in use, open plugs can build up dust and debris, and when you partner that with a spark you can get an outlet fire that threatens your safety and the buildings security. These covers can be found in multiple areas and offer protection not only from wayward children but also outlet fires.


Whether you’re starting your first office venture, or you’ve been working in the same building for the past 20 years, utilizing these four basic safety features can really improve safety in your work area. Contact CDF today!









March 1, 2018
Wayne Foreman

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