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insulated glass

Insulated glass doors do so much more than just looking amazing at your office building. They provide a number of concrete benefits that you’ll start to experience immediately.

These types of doors come in a few different varieties. Speaking in generalities, they are constructed with two panes of thick glass that create a dense barrier between the interior and exterior.

Today, we’re going to take a look at all of the benefits that you can expect to receive from a set of insulated glass doors. Specifically, we’ll go over the ways that they impact insulation, security, and energy consumption.

1. Better Insulation

One of the most notable benefits of insulated glass doors is their ability to help regulate the indoor temperature. Due to double panes and high-quality construction, they don’t let the outside temperature penetrate through to the interior. This works whether you’re trying to keep your business cool or hot; insulation is worth having year-round.

This perk applies to all double-paned add-ons, including windows and insulated glass doors. While having an insulated door will help to keep your internal temperature constant, adding on double-paned windows will go further in keeping the temperature stable.

2. Increased Noise Reduction

The double panes offered in a set of insulated glass doors mean that sound will have greater difficulty reaching the other side. Whether you’re trying to keep sound from escaping or keep sound from entering, insulated glass doors will work wonders.

Sound travels through vibrations in the air. Due to the dual panes with air in between them, many sounds won’t be able to reach the other side. If they penetrate one pane of glass, they still have to cross empty space and then go through another pane of glass.

3. Enhanced Security

If someone wants to break into your business, they’re likely going to try to break the glass door. Insulated glass doors are much sturdier than single-pane glass doors. Not only is this because the glass is typically thicker, but there are also two panes of glass to get through.

Even if a criminal can break through one of the glass panes, doing so will likely have alerted you or security to the problem before they can break through the second glass door, especially if you have a glass-break alarm. They might even realize they’re dealing with dual-pane glass and leave the scene before they get caught.

4. Decreased Energy Bills

Saving money on your electric or gas bills is one of the hidden benefits of insulated glass doors and windows. You’ll save money because you aren’t wasting energy to maintain a stable temperature inside your office.

When heat enters or escapes your business (depending on the season), your air conditioner or heater has to work overtime to maintain the temperature that you set. This consumes more energy, which results in a higher energy bill for you.

Installing an insulated glass door makes sure that your HVAC system doesn’t work any harder than it has to. Over time, you’ll see a reduction in your energy bills. Depending on how much you’re saving and how long you have the door, it might even end up paying for itself.

5. Increased Property Value

You’ll appreciate all of the benefits listed above while you’re working in a building with an insulated glass door. But what about if you move? That’s right…there are even benefits when moving.

Commercial buildings will experience an increased property value when they feature an insulated glass door. This is because commercial appraisers know the benefits that go along with these types of doors.

This makes insulated glass doors both an investment in the building and something that you get to experience immediately. Consider upgrading your door today to boost your office building’s value.

Could You Benefit from an Insulated Glass Door?

An insulated glass door brings more benefits than you might have initially realized. You can enjoy each of these benefits by installing an insulated glass door at your business.  

We’re happy to provide our customers with quality insulated glass doors. If you're looking for the right doors to give your business a boost, reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you!







January 18, 2021
Wayne Foreman