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Choosing Exterior Doors for a Commercial Building

Commercial Exterior Door

At first thought, many assume a good door needs to do only two tasks: open and close. But if you think further into the future, you’ll discover so many other things your door will need to handle. Like choosing exterior doors for a commercial building.

Selecting the most effective exterior door for your business is a money-saving move you won’t regret. Here are five primary considerations you’ll want to learn about before you choose your new exterior doors for your commercial building.

1. How the Door Gets Used

Will your door be in a high-traffic area? Will it be keeping certain people out or certain items in? Does it need to be up to a specific fire or safety code? All these are questions you’ll want to ask yourself when shopping for your new door.

A lobby entrance or storefront will need to be incredibly durable but will also benefit from having some visual appeal. In contrast, a door separating stair levels doesn’t need the same “wow” factor, so you could be more flexible with materials or designs. 

Envision what your new door’s day will look like first, then selecting the right one will be much easier.

2. What You Can Afford

Affordability likely jumps to every business owner’s mind the moment they need to make a large purchase, and exterior commercial doors are no exception. But budget and affordability aren’t one and the same. If your budget permits only a cheaper, less durable door for a high-traffic area, is it affordable when it requires fixing within the first few months of use?

You can compare prices with reputable commercial door retailers. Look for doors with prices that are within your budget but are still high quality and made with sturdy materials. You can also discuss your needs with a professional who will guide you to options you can afford that are still long-term investments.

3. Maintenance

Doors need routine maintenance to perform correctly. It’s rarely overwhelming maintenance, but it’s still something to consider. Typically, doors made with lower-quality materials will need more maintenance than those made with quality materials. Doors that require the most attention are any that get frequent use. 

While door maintenance is usually minor, ask yourself if you have the bandwidth for the maintenance your option requires. If you want to avoid checking on your door’s functionality constantly, buy a commercial door that doesn’t require so much attention. 

Unfortunately, commercial doors don’t get much of a pass since most of them do see a lot of use. So it’s essential to factor into your purchase how much maintenance your options will need.

4. What Door You Need

Commercial doors come in all shapes and sizes. But each one can also have unique functionality. Glass doors may be perfect for a lobby, while you may need to install fireproof doors somewhere else to stay up to code. 

All of your options — aluminum, steel, automatic, and more — have different purposes and benefits you’ll want to be aware of before buying.

If you need help determining which door best suits your needs, it’s a good idea to ask. Before you start shopping blindly, you can speak with an expert to help point you in the right direction. 

5. What Materials You Prefer

Materials will affect your door’s price, quality, and look, so knowing your options is crucial. Some materials will even impact the usefulness of your door. 

For example, aluminum doors are popular for their reliability and affordability. They also come in an array of colors and designs. But if you need a strong door, steel is one of the toughest materials available. It’s more expensive than aluminum, but it could be worth it if you need extra durability and security.

It can be hard to know what a door is made of just by looking at it. Most materials are inside the door to fortify it, while the outside is more of a casing to give it a specific look. That means it could be tough to know if a door is right just by its appearance. Some light research into the materials can help you make a more informed decision.

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January 26, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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