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5 Reasons to Replace an Uneven Door in Your Building

If you notice that your door seems slightly askew, it could be technically considered “uneven.” Problems with the door hardware or door itself can cause this issue, and putting off getting it fixed could lead to some serious consequences.

So don’t delay! Instead, get that uneven door straightened out.  

  1. Increase Safety

Any business with more than just a few employees is going to fall under stringent fire safety codes. One of the most important functions of these codes is maintaining standards for exit routes in the case of a fire or other evacuation event.

Having all fire doors in working condition is a mandatory part of these fire codes. Any inspection will find uneven doors, and your business could face repercussions. More importantly, they present a significant risk if there were to be a fire.

Even if your uneven door seems fine from day to day, it could fail at the most inopportune time. There’s always a risk that the next time the door closes could be the last, as the damage continues to accumulate over the years.

The danger compounds when heat’s involved since steel doors and frames can warp under high temperatures. Fire doors are designed with this in mind, but faulty installation and damage could be enough to cause the door to jam under extreme conditions.

  • Reduce Repair Costs

If doors in your building are uneven, you’re going to have to pay to have them repaired at some point. Depending on the specifics, this could be a relatively simple process. A faulty installation or some worn hinges can be fixed without the need to replace the door or other hardware, but leaving the door for too long can have serious consequences.

As the door continues to be open and closed while uneven, every use puts more pressure on it. This can eventually lead to the door becoming warped, which will require a replacement to fix. You can also damage the door jamb this way and other pieces of hardware.

The best way to reduce your repair costs is to fix the problem now. With reliable door hardware, you can quickly have your uneven door working better than it ever has before. You’re just running up the repair bill by waiting and leaving a severe safety hazard in your building in the meantime.

  • Limit Floor Damage

Many businesses have beautiful flooring, and it would be a shame to scrape or damage that flooring with an uneven door. You might think you’ll be able to recognize when it’s close to happening and replace the door, but most people don’t realize how little a door has to lean to scrape the floor.

A massive scratch along a tile floor will be expensive to fix, likely requiring replacing those tiles entirely. This is just another expense that could have been avoided by getting a high-quality commercial steel door when the issue first became apparent.

  • Improve Security 

Keeping your doors in good condition is essential to keeping them secure. A damaged door always presents a potential security problem. While your uneven door might not seem serious, damaged hardware makes it more likely to succumb to a very modest physical entry attempt.

Moreover, your door could be so uneven that it fails to engage the latch or bolt properly. You could find yourself assuming your door is closed correctly when really a light push opens it (and with no need for a key). Keep your doors in working order to keep your business safe.

  • Other Problems

If your door is uneven, something has caused it to become that way. Maybe it was just a faulty hinge, or somebody applied excessive force a few too many times. On the other hand, it could be due to a problem with the frame or other components or a structural issue applying pressure to the door.

Dealing with the door now lets you identify other potential problems that could be even greater safety and security risks. 

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October 4, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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