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5 Simple Ways to Reinforce a Commercial Door

Burglar opening commercial door with crowbar

Nearly 800 million dollars are lost to theft in an average business year in the U.S. Although some of these incidents occur during business hours, most take place while the business is closed.

An estimated 58% of burglaries involve forcible entry. This figure makes it clear that streetwise criminals can easily bypass most commercial doors.

Burglary is just one of many threats that business owners face daily. No commercial property owner should think their building is invincible — instead, they should take proactive steps to protect their assets.

Don't wait until it's too late. Follow these five simple tips for reinforcing your commercial door and safeguarding your livelihood.

Why Reinforce Your Commercial Door? 

With so many alarming statistics concerning commercial break-ins, many business owners understandably want to add an extra layer of protection.

When you make it more challenging to enter your building, you deter potential criminals from accomplishing their unscrupulous goals. Doing so can save you both money and stress. 

Steps to Reinforce Your Commercial Door   

Most of these enhancements are simple enough for anyone with a drill to complete. However, if you feel uncomfortable performing these tasks yourself, hiring a qualified local professional will help you ensure the job is done right.

1. Reinforce the Door Frame 

Regardless of the specific type of door you have, it’s possible for the frame to break under a sufficient amount of force. Since most frames are made from materials that are approximately one inch thick, reinforcing your door frame may help it withstand forceful entry.

The best way to reinforce your commercial door is to add a layer of supportive steel that will prevent the frame from splitting. During installation, you place high-gauge steel over the door jamb and secure it with long screws that pierce through the wall studs on each side of the door, creating an armored door jamb of unparalleled strength.

2. Fortify the Door Edges 

Once you've reinforced the frame, it's time to focus on the door itself.

On most doors, the edge where the bolts connect to the frame is typically the weakest part. You can strengthen your door's vulnerable edge by installing a protective wrap to increase its surface area. This allows applied force to be distributed more equally, making it challenging for criminals to force their way through.

3. Secure the Hinges 

The hinges on most commercial doors are exposed. As such, they’re an easy target for removal. With the hinges gone, the door can simply be pried off of its frame. Fortunately, reinforcing the hinges is as easy as inserting jamb pins that prevent the door from being removed.

To install these pins, remove a screw from each hinge and replace it with a security pin. These devices are usually made of metal or strong wood with machine threading. You can use them on doors of many different shapes, sizes, materials, and constructions.

4. Use High-Security Locks 

Some burglars use lock-snapping tools to get past secured commercial doors. Breaking locks most often involves busting the cylinder to force the lock open. It’s therefore wise to equip your door with a high-security lock that features snap-proof cylinders.

There are many locks of this type on the market. Regardless of the model you choose, we strongly recommend hiring a professional locksmith to install it for you. A professional can furnish just the right style of lock for your commercial building and install it in a way that makes it tamper-proof.

5. Consider Adding Strike Plate Locks 

The strike plate is a small metal piece in the door frame that connects to the latch bolt. This component allows the locking mechanism to work correctly.

Adding a heavy-duty strike plate containing longer screws will serve to strengthen the door frame. Install multiple three-inch screws in the plate to enhance the door jamb and locking mechanism and decrease the chances of a burglar breaking down the door with brute force or sophisticated tools.

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December 15, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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