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5 Steps to Changing Out Hardware for Your Commercial Doors

It takes a lot of working parts to make the commercial doors that keep your business safe. To pass safety inspections and prevent the need for costly repairs and commercial door replacement, regular maintenance of the hardware for your doors is essential. 

When you know how to maintain your doors, locks, and hardware, your commercial doors have a longer life and save you money as they keep your business safe. 

Different Types of Hardware for Your Commercial Doors

Business owners don’t think of all of the different parts it takes to make up the doors that protect a business and give you the privacy and security you need. Like any other aspect of your business with many working parts, your commercial doors need regular maintenance in order to have a long life.  

Here are some pieces of hardware that you may need to implement and maintain for the safety of your commercial doors:

  • Hinges
  • Kick plates
  • Locksets
  • Exit devices
  • Weatherization kits
  • Doorstops
  • Commercial door closers
  • Kick down door holders and more

That’s a lot to keep track of, which is why regular maintenance and repair by a trained professional are a big deal. It’s easier to deal with a little problem than a lot of big ones. 

Why You Should Repair Commercial Door Hardware 

All of the things listed above is vital to the security of your business. A popular door lock buying guide states that even if one piece of hardware like your lock works but other parts fail, then the strength of your lock is still compromised. 

An example is the strike plate that attaches to the door jamb and secures your business from illegal entry and theft. If the strike plate isn’t maintained or the screws hold it loose, the door is vulnerable to crime. Read ratings and reviews for the hardware you buy to ensure you use the best parts. 

5 Steps To Take When You Change Out Hardware On Commercial Doors

If you have to change out the hardware on your commercial doors, the steps below can help you plan and see the job done right. Remember, little things like door hardware are crucial to safety inspections and safe, adequate customer and employee access to your business. So use the best parts to meet your needs. 

Plan Ahead 

Plan ahead when changing commercial door hardware to avoid disrupting business during maintenance and repairs. Schedule changes to minimize disruption for clients and staff during the task.

Use Parts That Meets Commercial Hardware Standards

Commercial door hardware faces many wear and tear but still has to maintain quality and safety standards. Buy parts that are rated for consistency and durability by the construction and hardware industry. Read reviews and ask an expert before you buy if you have questions so that the hardware you use will extend the life of your commercial doors. 

Purchase the Best from CDF Distributors

When you purchase the replacement parts for your commercial door hardware, order from a reputable company that will send your parts fast, like CDF Distributors. With a complete collection of both grade-1 and grade-2 for your project, they are ready to help now.

Install New Hardware With Care

Hire an experienced professional to change anything on commercial doors, ensuring proper understanding of mechanical workings. Whether you do the job yourself or hire someone to install for you, remember that experience counts. 

Continue Regular Maintenance After It Is Installed

After changing hardware on commercial doors, maintain regular upkeep to ensure they remain in good condition post-installation. Schedule a future inspection by one of your staff or a trained professional now to stay ahead of the game.

Where Should I Order Replacement Hardware For My Commercial Doors

If your commercial doors need replacement and you're ready to buy, CDF Distributors can assist with your needs. Before you know it, you’ll have high-quality parts to help your commercial doors last longer, so contact CDF Distributors now. 









July 27, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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