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5 Tips to Maintain the Tint on Your Company's Glass Doors

Tinted Commercial Doors

Many buildings today use commercial window and glass door tinting. There are several benefits to placing the tinted film on your windows and doors. Tinted doors provide privacy, decrease energy bills, create a crisp appearance, and help with UV protection. 

When you install a new glass door tint on your building, it's a hefty investment for your company. You'll want to ensure it's properly cared for so it will last between 10 and 20 years as expected. But what is the most suitable way to maintain the tint on your glass doors? Keep reading for 5 tips to keep your doors looking crisp and clean. 

Why Should You Care for Your Tinted Glass Doors? 

Placing tinted film on your glass doors is an investment for any business owner. If you want it to last and be worth the investment, regular cleaning will help. Besides, dirt, dust, and fingerprints decrease visibility and may make your business look sloppy. 

Caring for Tinting on Glass Doors    

Glass door tinting is generally easy to maintain. However, your doors still need adequate maintenance to keep them looking sharp. Follow these 5 tips to maintain tints on your company's glass doors:

1. Allow the Tint to Cure Completely 

Although you'll be eager to remove any fingerprints or dust that’s accumulated, wait for the film to cure before performing any maintenance. Several factors influence how long it takes to reach the final cure, including the type of tint and the location of the doors. 

The installation company should provide specific instructions regarding a time frame before completing any maintenance. It typically takes one week to a month to complete the drying process. 

When you're unsure whether the tint has cured, wait at least a month before any cleaning to protect your investment. Beginning to clean too early may damage the tint, moving it out of place and requiring a replacement. 

2. Look for Imperfections 

If there was an error in the curing process, you might find slight imperfections in your glass door, like air bubbles. However, you can eliminate these bubbles by using a plastic card to press them out towards the edges of the tint. 

Do not use a razor blade to remove bubbles. They can cause scratches that will damage the tint and cause it to peel.  

3. Perform Regular Cleanings 

After the tint cures, regular cleanings are crucial to the longevity of the tinting. However, you must use care when cleaning the windows to avoid damaging or scratching any part of the film. 

4. Apply Soft Cleaners

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive sponges. Use an ammonia-free cleaner to prevent discoloration and use a microfiber towel, synthetic sponge, or other soft materials to apply the cleaner to the door's surface.  

5. Use Proper Cleaning Utensils 

Many industries use paper towels to keep their windows clean. However, they are not an ideal cleaning tool for tinted glass doors. Instead, use squeegees to remove the extra cleaning solution. Then you can polish them with a lint-free microfiber cloth.  

How Often Should You Clean Tinted Doors?

Several factors influence how often you should clean your tinted glass doors. For instance, your climate significantly affects how often your tinted doors need cleaning. Heavy rainfall or snow means that your doors need cleaning more often — likely every two weeks.

Location is the next factor. More dirt and debris will accumulate on buildings close to major highways. Frequent cleaning will be necessary in these areas to prevent your building from having a dirty appearance. 

The type of business you own is another factor. Medical facilities, restaurants, and retail stores must keep their doors and windows clean to create a more welcoming environment. 

Furthermore, it conveys to the consumers that your facility is clean and well maintained. Healthcare facilities and restaurants should have their doors cleaned every two weeks at a minimum.    

Extend the Life of Your Investment

Window tint is scratch resistant, but you'll extend the life of your tint if you follow these tips. Even the slightest scratch can make a starting point for the film to begin peeling away from the window. However, with proper care and maintenance, your window tinting may last up to 15 years or longer. 

If you have questions about caring for the tint or other maintenance for your company's glass doors, contact CDF Distributors! We specialize in commercial doors and provide you with the best choices for your business.











August 5, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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