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5 Tools to Increase Your Back Door Security


Security is of the utmost importance for any warehouse and office. Criminals know that most warehouses store valuable items, so they are often targeted. Securing your front door is certainly important, but too many people forget about their back doors. They often think that their back door is already secure enough.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of the powerful tools that can help you to increase your back door security. We’ll discuss the ways that spending a relatively small amount of money can protect your inventory for years to come.

1. An Alarm System That is Monitored

A determined burglar will do everything they can to break into your business. Unfortunately, sometimes they succeed. If that happens, having a monitored alarm system can minimize the loss or damage caused by a successful break-in.

Once criminals are in, the alarm system can alert authorities, who will show up promptly—in some situations, just having an audible alarm will scare off thieves. They’ll flee once they trigger the alarm before they’re able to do any damage or remove any property. We highly recommend that you purchase an alarm system as a failsafe for your business.

2. Security Gates

You may not be able to have a security gate, depending on the way that your specific back door is set up, but if you can, we highly advise them. A security gate is a collapsible barrier that’s installed on the outside of your back door. These are often seen in front of glass doors, but they can be used to make any type of door more secure.

Security gates add another layer between the outside world and your business. Breaking through a security gate is extremely difficult, loud, and time-consuming. These types of gates are easily unlocked and collapsed for quick storage when the workday begins.

3. Blocking Bars

If you have any type of sliding door, a blocking bar will do wonders in keeping thieves out. Blocking bars go in the track of the sliding door and keep the door from moving. All you’ll have to do is remember to put the blocking bar in place at night, and the bar will do the rest. These should be considered essential if you have a sliding door.

There are also other types of blocking bars on the market. Some blocking bars are set diagonally between the back of the door or doorknob and the floor. This creates a barrier that prevents the door from being opened. They’re easy to set up from the inside, but almost impossible to break through from the outside.

If you do have sliding doors as your back door, we also advise upgrading to a steel rear door. Sliding doors may work well on existing buildings, but if security is your concern, it will be worth installing a more secure door designed for commercial use.

4. Security Cameras

Having visible security cameras at your back door can act as a deterrent. No thief wants to be recorded in the process of committing a crime. Having cameras facing the door and the surrounding areas will help to prevent criminal activity.

Of course, if a crime does occur, a camera system will also provide concrete evidence for law enforcement to use to be able to recover some or all of your stolen products.

5. Bright Lighting

Lights are surprisingly one of the strongest deterrents that can easily be added to your back door. A dark back door will attract criminals, whereas a well-lit back door is less desirable. Lights that will illuminate the entire area can be bought at any home improvement store and be installed with minimal effort.

If you use all of these five tools together, you’ll have an incredibly secure back door. The lights will make your camera footage usable, while a blocking bar will make the back door harder to penetrate. If the thieves do manage to break in, the alarm system will alert the authorities, who hopefully arrive in time to catch the burglars.

If you’re looking to upgrade your back door or any other door in your building, CDF Distributors offers a wide selection of secure commercial doors. Browse our inventory today to discover the perfect door for your warehouse or office.  








February 22, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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