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Burglary and theft can be very costly to businesses. From the direct economic loss of the goods sold, to the damage to property, to the loss of operational time it may cause, it's very important that businesses do all they can to prevent burglary and theft.

This is even more important, as the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation reports that four burglaries occur every minute in the United States. In 2018 alone, Insureon reports that 22% of small businesses were affected by burglary or theft.

There's nothing business owners can do to reduce burglary and theft attempts in the country. However, there are plenty of steps they can take to better protect their own business from a burglary or thief gaining access or doing damage.

Here are the top five ways to reduce burglary and theft for your business.

1. Light Up the Business

Light is one of the biggest deterrents of theft. Making sure the exterior of your business is well-lit is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent burglary and theft. 

Install bright lights outside of every exterior entrance to your business, as well as at any other locations where burglars may gain access to the building. You can even install motion sensors on the lights if you don't want to keep the exterior illuminated at all times. Burglars don't like the light. So, they are likely to avoid your business altogether if they can't operate hidden in the dark.

2. Install a Commercial Security Door

Doors are the most vulnerable access point to your business. Wood and even fiberglass doors are susceptible to being broken, damaged and/or pried open.

Installing a commercial steel security door is a great way to add an extra layer of protection to your business. These doors have a thickness of 1-3/4 inches, which makes it next to impossible for burglars to break through.

In addition to the extra layer of protection against theft, these doors are also better insulated, fire rated and outlast wood doors by more than 10 years.

3. Install a Security System

A security system is another great way to reduce burglary and theft at your business. Security systems today can include not just entry sensors -- such as on windows and doors -- but also exterior cameras. These cameras can provide live feeds and alerts through mobile applications, as well as video file storage so you can review past feeds.

The mere presence of a security system can be a deterrent to would-be burglars. A visible sign saying your business is protected by a security system may convince burglars to avoid your business. Visible exterior cameras are also a great deterrent. 

4. Install Automatic Locks

You're only as strong as your weakest link, as the saying goes. In many security cases, your employees can be your weakest link. If they forget to lock a door or arm an alarm system, then it won't matter what steps you take to prevent burglary.

To protect your business against honest human error, consider an automatic locking mechanism for exterior doors. These systems can ensure your doors are locked at a certain time each day. That way, if the last employee out forgets to lock the door, your business will still be protected.

Alarm systems can also be set to automatically engage at a certain time. Choosing the right security system enables you to check its status from a mobile device anytime.

5. Lock Valuables in a Safe

If all else fails, you can protect your most valuable possessions in a safe within the business. You can lock a lot of cash on hand in a safe each night. Alternatively, you can lock valuable products like jewelry in a vault or larger safe.

If burglars are able to gain access to your building, the safe will protect your most valuable assets. Fire-rated safes will also protect your valuables in case of fire damage to your business.

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January 6, 2021
Wayne Foreman