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6 Benefits of Weather Stripping and Door Sweeps

Door sweeps and weather stripping are simple strips made of varying materials that fit snugly around your door to cover the door frame and threshold.

Made up of rubber, felt, foam, metal, or vinyl, this little strip of material covers up any gaps between the door and the frame and keeps the inside of your business more comfortable.

If you’ve never considered weather stripping before or simply want to learn a little more about it, here are 6 of the biggest benefits to weather-stripping your doors you need to know about.

1. Protects from Pests

Insects are opportunists. If there’s even the smallest gap between your door and the frame or floor, it serves as an invitation for small, uninvited guests. Insects and other small pests such as spiders pose issues for both visitors and staff in your business, detracting from the professional ambiance you work so hard to maintain.

Weather stripping helps keep bugs from entering along the sides of your door, while a door sweep along the bottom eliminates gaps at the bottom of the door, denying these pests access.

2. Mitigates Moisture

As the name implies, weather stripping is the best way to keep the weather outside. Excess moisture can be a problem in any indoor space, but depending on the type of business you have, moisture can be particularly problematic, leading to ruined upholstery or mold growth.

Sealing up your commercial doors is key to keeping moisture out of your space. The few minutes it takes to install makes up for itself in all of the money and time you’ll save later by protecting your space. 

3. Negates Noise

Weather stripping isn’t just good at keeping the weather out; it’s also incredibly helpful at keeping the outside noise out.

Depending on the type of business you have, this can be a great asset. For those who take a lot of phone calls or rely on quiet and calm as part of the ambiance, weather stripping is the most cost-effective way to soundproof your business.

4. Economizes Energy

According to the National Federation of Independent Businesses, energy costs are one of small businesses' top three business expenses.

Weather stripping your business helps keep your energy costs down. Small leaks around your door frame allow warm air to escape and invite cold air in, forcing your HVAC to work harder to compensate. By sealing these up, you can slash your company's energy bill by five to ten percent.

5. Accentuates Air Quality

Helping to maintain the temperature in your building isn’t the only way that weather stripping helps out your HVAC; it also eases the burden on your air filter.

The office environment in itself produces enough indoor pollutants that can aggravate allergies and ultimately affect productivity. Between copious bags of microwave popcorn, perfumes, and chemicals from cleaning products, the air in your business already has several things working against it.

When you add in pollutants from the outside, too, it creates an unhealthy situation pretty quickly.

Your HVAC’s filter collects and traps the particles and pollutants in the air, cleaning up the air you and your staff breathe. Additional contaminants from the outside, such as pollen, clog up your HVAC’s filter faster, causing the whole system to work harder to push air through.

Not only does this mean higher energy costs, but it also means decreased indoor air quality. Weather stripping helps significantly reduce the number of outdoor pollutants that are getting inside your business.

6. Confers Comfort

Weather stripping plays a big role in the overall comfort of your business by assisting with pest control, air quality, and temperature regulation. All these factors combine to make your business more comfortable for both your staff and guests.

A comfortable indoor environment facilitates productivity amongst the staff and creates a comfortable space for your guests or customers. It’s a win-win.

Looking to Upgrade Your Business’s Entry?

Weather stripping offers a lot of perks, but it works best on a high-quality door. CDF Distributors has you covered if you’re in the market for a new door for your business. With instant quote pricing and a wide range of high quality commercial doors to choose from, we make the process easy.

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November 15, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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