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6 Surprising Benefits of a Door Stop

When you choose the components for your custom commercial door, you have the option of selecting several accessories. One of these is a door stop. As you can imagine, most people treat this selection as an afterthought. At most, it just prevents the wall from getting dinged, or is there more to it? It turns out that you may want to spend more time thinking about including a door stop when you purchase your commercial doors.

Two Different Kinds of Door Stops

Commercial door terminology can be a bit confusing. When you think of a door stop, you may think of a rubber grommet or something that juts out from the wall to prevent the door or knob from breaking the wall. These are known as door stops in commercial door manufacturing.

However, there are also door stops you can kick into place to hold a door open. In commercial door manufacturing and distribution, we call these door holders. Here, we will talk about both interchangeably.

1.   Door Stops Reduce Maintenance Costs

The fact that door stops prevent damage to walls is no surprise. However, you might be surprised to learn the amount of money and time it takes to repair damage if you don’t have a door stop installed.

When you repeatedly slam a door into a wall, that doesn’t just harm the paint. It can also damage the wall underneath that. To fix that, maintenance staff may have to patch, mud, and sand the area. That’s not all. Once that’s done, the staff will have to repaint the affected parts of the wall.

In order to restore the wall to its previous condition, they will have to purchase paint that matches. It could be a real struggle to find that and to get the right finish. Additionally, a painter can’t simply paint over the damaged part. They’ll need to ensure the whole wall matches. That’s a job that could take an entire day and require that you limit access to that area for some time.

2.   They Reduce the Risk of Injury

If you have a door stop or door holder installed, you have a way to prevent doors from suddenly slamming shut or swinging closed and injuring people. These accessories also stop fingers from being pinched or injured. It’s a small addition to your order for a door. In fact, you can get a kick-down door holder and door stops for less than 30 dollars. That’s not much to pay for safety and damage prevention.

3.   It’s Easier for Traffic to Flow

Good traffic flow is key to a well-functioning, safe, and efficient business. When you use door stops to hold doors open, you can:

  • Ensure that patrons can move through the premises quickly and comfortably
  • Enable workers to move from one part of the building to another
  • Make it easier to carry items throughout the building
  • Comply with ADA accessibility requirements

With door stops, no one has to open doors, reopen doors, or hold them open for others.

4.   They Improve Ventilation and Air Quality

Airflow is absolutely important in a commercial building. When your HVAC system is running, leaving doors open lets air flow from one room to another. That helps you benefit from the maximum heating and cooling power of your system. Additionally, it prevents stale air from being trapped in a room. Use door holders to prop doors open and let air circulate.

5.   It Can Keep Unlocked Doors Closed

There may be times when you wish to close a door and prevent access to it temporarily. That’s an issue if the door doesn’t have a lock. One way to fix that problem is to close the door and activate the door stop. That will prevent access without requiring you to purchase a lock or use more extreme methods.

6.   It’s Easier to Monitor and Supervise as Needed

If you need to keep an eye on a specific office area, corridor, or sales floor, you can do that with the help of a kick-down door holder. When the door is held open, you or a member of your team can easily glance in to see what is going on.

A door stop may not be the most important equipment you buy. However, it may be more valuable to you than you realize. Call CDF Distributors or shop online and get your door stops today and take advantage of the many benefits they have to offer.









August 24, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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