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6 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Business' Front Entry Doors

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First impressions mean everything. This principle is certainly true in business. Your company's front entry doors are the first thing customers and potential customers see when they approach your building. 

Unkept or unsightly doors can reflect poorly on your business and do not project a positive brand image. Your entry doors should be updated, clean, and inviting. Here are 6 ways to improve the look of your company's front entry doors:

1. Use New Hardware

If you aren’t ready to replace your entry doors outright, a great alternative is upgrading the hardware. New handles, locks, and door closers can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your entryway. 

Hardware is one of the elements of a door that is most prone to wear and tear, so it should be switched out in between door replacements. There are many finishes you can select for new hardware, including:

  • Satin chrome
  • Bronze
  • Wrought brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper 
  • Black

Old hardware can lose its finish, show signs of wear, and begin to perform poorly. Upgrading the hardware can give a brand-new modern or classic polished finish to your door. Best of all, it is fast and cost-effective. 

2. Upgrade to Glass

Glass front entry doors offer a timeless look for your company's entryway and will never go out of style. Modern glass entry doors remove the visual barrier between you and potential customers while also offering the security of a physical door. 

The right glass doors also allow natural light to show through, adding to the ambiance of your business. Glass doors not only look great, but they are more inviting than traditional materials. Upgrading to glass doors is an excellent long-term investment in your business.

3. Install Lighting

If your entryway doors are looking a little dull, adding a row of lights or even a single lighting fixture can go a long way toward brightening them up. Lighting over your front entry doors is a great way to accentuate your door and draw attention to your business. 

Consider adding a targeted light to shine a spotlight on the entryway, or even just an ambiance fixture to light up the space. A brightly lit entryway is also more inviting to potential customers and feels safer for employees, and can accentuate any signage you may have in your entryway.

4. Do a Deep Clean

One thing that many business owners overlook is the value of deep cleaning their front entry doors. The front doors can be one of the dirtiest locations in a business. A lot of commercial cleaning is focused on the inside, but forgetting to clean the entryway is a big oversight. 

While surface cleaning can certainly make a difference, there’s no replacement for a deep clean. A thorough cleaning can make your doors look like new. You may not even realize how much buildup and debris is on your entry doors until you take the time to look. 

Adding a deep clean to your monthly cleaning list is a good way to ensure your front entryway looks clean and inviting, and it will also preserve the life of your doors.

5. Replace Signage

Many businesses post signage on their front entryway doors. On the doors is the most visible location of many business facades, and this positioning increases the likelihood that customers or employees will see your signs. However, old or outdated signage can make your doors look dated or worn. 

If your signage is out of date, faded, tattered, or otherwise showing signs of wear and tear, replacing it can give an instant facelift to your entryway doors. You can even consider investing in more permanent signage that is less prone to wear over time.

6. Door Replacement

While your entryway doors can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years, they will eventually need to be replaced. Door replacement is one of the most effective ways to improve the look of your company's front entryway. 

A new door can make a tired entryway look brand-new and catch the eye of potential customers. In addition, entryway door replacement is more affordable than you may think. Investing in new entryway doors is an important choice that can promote your brand in a positive way and totally transform a storefront. 

Top Quality Entryway Door Replacement

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