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Airflow: 5 Ways Louvered Doors Can Make a Difference

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There are plenty of rooms in commercial settings that are best kept behind closed doors. No one wants to show off a server room with wires all over the place or a utility closet with old mechanicals.

Shutting off these rooms from the rest of your commercial space may improve the look of your area, but it could also be damaging to the items behind it. So, what's the solution?

Louvered doors allow the free flow of air into rooms while also providing a privacy barrier. The louvers look like slots in the door that allow air and light to flow in and out while still blocking what's behind it from sight.

There are many benefits to louvered doors in a commercial setting. Here are five ways they make a difference with airflow.

1. Louvered Doors Protect Utilities

Hot water heaters, furnaces and other mechanicals are necessary for a commercial space to operate. They can control the HVAC system and the temperature of the running water.

In most cases, this equipment is kept in a closet, tucked in the back of a building. The utility room is typically not one you want to show off, as the equipment can be quite ugly and even noisy.

However, the challenge is that this equipment runs better when there is a free flow of air. Completely shutting the room off from the rest of the space isn't generally a great idea. Louvered doors can solve this problem by keeping the equipment hidden while providing the necessary airflow.

2. Louvered Doors Protect Tech

No commercial building today can operate without a high-powered tech room. This room houses the computers, servers and wiring people that people use to connect to the internet.

Much like the utility room, it is often hidden from plain view because it's plain ugly. This computer equipment needs to be kept cool, though. As such, the server room usually has its own air conditioning system and may not even be connected to the rest of the building's HVAC.

Again, the problem with this is stale air can contribute to the equipment not running efficiently. Louvered doors can allow air to flow in and out of the room to prevent damage to the most expensive pieces of equipment in the building.

3. Louvered Doors Prevent a Musty Smell

When air sits stagnant for long periods behind a closed door, a musty smell can develop quickly. Any paper, books or other material that can absorb odors often does. 

If there isn't proper airflow in a closet, the items you're storing in it can begin to deteriorate. Not only do they need adequate airflow, they also need access to some form of light.

Louvered doors can provide both. By installing them on closet doors, you can keep extra supplies behind closed doors while preventing that musty smell from developing. It's also a great way to prevent mold and mildew if moisture develops.

4. Louvered Doors Allow for Better Heating and Cooling

Louvered doors don't have to be used only on closets. They can be installed for interior doors to allow better airflow throughout an entire commercial space.

This increased airflow can dramatically increase the efficiency of heating and cooling the building. When interior doors remain closed, the rooms behind them don't benefit from the airflow necessary for HVAC to run correctly. That's why rooms with closed doors often become hot in the winter and cold in the summer quite quickly.

By installing louvered doors for interior spaces, you can increase your HVAC system's efficiency while still providing the privacy needed.

5. Louvered Doors Can Protect Against Fires

One of the greatest parts about louvers is you can install them on commercial fire-rated doors. Airflow is great in most situations, but not when there's fire or smoke in a building. Airflow in either of these situations can fuel the spread of fire.

You can close the louvers on fire-rated doors when necessary to maintain the integrity of the firewall. 

Increase Air Flow with Louvered Doors from CDF Distributors

At CDF Distributors, we specialize in louvered doors that are also fire rated. We can help you assess your commercial space's current airflow situation and design a louvered solution that works best for you. Contact us today to find out more or build a quote online.

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