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Benefits of Installing a Back Service Door

When your business has a limited amount of entryways, things can get pretty congested pretty quickly. Customers, visitors, employees, and deliveries all filtering through a small amount of access points can not only become a confusing mess, it can be detrimental to business, and even dangerous for your building’s occupants.

If you’re looking for a simple solution to minimize traffic and congestion in your commercial building, streamline business operations, and provide extra safety for your customers and employees, installing a back service door may be the solution for you. Creating a new entry and exit point can open up your building so much that you’ll feel like you’ve added square footage to the property.

Here are some of the major benefits of installing a back service door on your commercial building.

Reduce Traffic 

With only one viable way in and out of your business, it’s highly likely that your building is going to become overly congested at certain times of the day. This makes it difficult for your employees to do their job, your business to run smoothly, and most importantly, for your customers to feel comfortable. Installing a back service door can reroute nearly all of your everyday business operations away from your customers and create a much less chaotic, and much more welcoming, environment.

Provide a Place to Receive Deliveries

Sending delivered goods through the front door of your building can become a mess for both you and your delivery person. Making them navigate past customers and employees with a large shipment in tow is not only a headache, it’s potentially dangerous. Then, once they’ve found their way in and dropped off the first load, the process needs to repeat over and over until the shipment is complete. It can be a nightmare, especially if your building is large.

With a back service door, your delivery person has direct and private access to your building that doesn’t require the hassle of maneuvering past your storefront, your customers, your employees, and whatever else stands in their way.

An Employees Only Entry

A back service door can help your business maintain a professional appearance by separating employees from customers. With a private entry for specific personnel, you allow employees an opportunity to arrive for their shift and prepare themselves before interacting with clientele.

Open Up Parking 

Overly congested parking lots can be a major reason why some people won’t patronize your business. If parking is a nightmare at your building, they’ll simply go somewhere where it isn’t. Providing a back service door for your building can make nearby parking spots that were once far away from an entrance far more desirable, opening up parking throughout the entire lot. And when you have delivery trucks and employees parked in the rear, the best parking spots are always left to your customers.  

Increased Privacy

Sometimes a commercial building owner would like to enter and exit their building privately, but it can be difficult to do so when you have to walk through the front door. Creating a limited access point on the rear of your building can afford you with a sense of privacy that you previously never had.

Increased Building Safety

You can never have too many exits in your building in the event of an emergency. A limited amount of exits significantly increases the potential for a dangerous traffic jam should there be an urgent need for evacuation. Installing a back service door provides a new way for your building’s occupants to evacuate, reducing traffic and potentially saving lives.

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Interested in Installing a Back Service Door on Your Commercial Building? 

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February 24, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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