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Why Build With Commercial Wood Doors?

Going back to nature, wood is one of the most basic and innovative building materials. Building with wood is cheap, easy and sustainable. There are no waste products, and it binds CO2, which helps to reduce the over-production in many construction projects. Additionally, wood increases safety because 15% of its mass is water, which combats fires better than steel or concrete.

Architects are beginning to understand the potential of using wood in designing skyscrapers. The CF Moller Scandinavian firm built a 34-story tower in Stockholm, which currently stands as the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper. Not only can entire buildings be built with wood, but wood doors can be used anywhere and everywhere.

CDF wood doors are widely recognized for their great value within the industry. Local commercial door deliveries extend to several metro U.S. cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas Fort Worth, Atlanta, Seattle, Nashville and New York.


Consider first the aesthetics of classic wood doors. Imagine the gorgeous natural grain patters that everyone loves in a solid wooden door. Regardless of the type or wood species, there’s a certain warmth emitted from the natural characteristics. Flush wood doors embody a sense of home and natural connection to your surroundings.

While you may be on board with the “save the tree” campaigns, wood will always be a renewable resource. Unlike their non-renewable counterparts, wood doors will not create more waste for landfills.

The noble misconception of commercial wood doors has impacted the materials chosen to build with. When in fact, we should be using wood more often in our structures. The US Green Building Council has debunked some of the common myths about wood.


Positive pressurizing for wood doors was added back in 1998 to help with fire testing. The idea was to simulate fire conditions as close to reality as possible. Door producers designed a testing process for the first time to combat flames and severe temperatures.

When real fires occur, the heat builds from the source and increases the pressure within the enclosed room. As it builds, the pressure strains the door. The smoke, gas and flame are forced to escape through any crack or crevice.

CDF distributors offers fire rated wood doors ranging from 20 to 90 minutes. They help control the spread of fire and smoke. With the solid core construction, they can be stained to fit any application. Additionally, the National Fire Protection Association has stamped their seal of approval on these wood doors.


Every year the global population increases, and innovative building designs need to grow along with it. With exciting innovations like 3D virtual reality and self-driving technologies surfacing in the construction industry, developers can focus on a new priority: sustainability.

Using eco-friendly materials, builders can construct places that will last through generations. Not only can builders aid in the earth’s healthfulness by using sustainable resources, but also they can improve quality of our built environments. As the economy booms, building owners, architects, engineers and contractors can use reusable materials to build sustainable cities and preserve the natural environment. 


Many environmentally-conscious groups are ensuring the continuation of this natural resource. For a clear conscience, review the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) certification process for building green with wood.

Consumers should demand more developer use of sustainable materials such as wood doors. Builders should strive to produce the healthiest buildings possible. Enhance the durability of your building and show the kindness to the environment by utilizing nature’s best resources.






January 4, 2017
Wayne Foreman

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