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You’ve probably seen tinted glass on vehicles, homes, and commercial windows. Have you ever wondered if the glass on an office door can be tinted? Well, the answer is yes!

Why Should You Tint Your Office Door?

Whether you have a partially or fully glass door, there are tinting options available. And there are lots of benefits to investing in glass office door tinting.


If the glass on your office door is of substantial size, you may feel like you don’t have much privacy. Anyone walking by can see directly into your office, including co-workers, other occupants of the office space, and even potential intruders. Glass tint can solve this problem. A tint is the perfect solution because it still allows natural light in but doesn’t allow everyone walking by to see in as easily. It is the ideal in-between solution as an alternative to replacing the entire door.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are among the most common reasons building owners invest in tinting glass office windows and doors. The tinted glass prevents intruders from scoping the inside of the building and prevents them from seeing valuable office materials. Glass tint also protects against graffiti in areas that are in vulnerable locations subject to vandalism. In addition, glass tint protects against shattered glass in the event of a building explosion, natural disaster, or break-in.


You may think that tint simply comes in various shades of gray or black, but that is no longer the case. Glass tint now comes in all sorts of colors, patterns, and designs. Tint can be an excellent way to change the design of your door and add some character. You can even customize your tint with your business logo or slogan. Best of all, you can change it much more easily than replacing your entire door.

If you are thinking about adding a tint to your office door, it may be a good time to think about an overall door upgrade. From commercial wood to glass to prefinished wood, there are endless options that can give your entire office a brand-new look.

Temperature Moderation

Office buildings face more challenges in temperature moderation than other structures like homes. Energy bills can be one of the biggest expense sources for a business depending on the time of year. Glass office doors are wonderful ways to create a more natural and inviting environment. However, even the highest quality windows can’t stop the dramatic increases in temperature when the sun shines in.

The rays of the afternoon sun can raise the temperature of a room by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Tinting the glass on your office door is a great way to temper the heat of the sun, making it easier to keep a stable temperature indoors. Tint still allows in natural light but blocks heat and provides protection against UV rays. Tinting also eliminates hot spots and irritating glare that you may often experience at various times of the day.

Protection Against UV Rays

You may not think about damaging UV rays when you are inside your office. If you are like most people, you think of UV ray exposure only when you are outside. However, UV rays penetrate glass in office doors and can be just as damaging as exposure outside. Glass tint is an incredibly effective way to protect against UV exposure. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, glass tint can block up to 99.9% of UV radiation.

Energy Conservation

Tinting the glass on your office door can be a great way to conserve energy. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, window and door tint is one of the top investments in energy conservation technologies. Because glass tint is effective at combating hot spots and temperature swings, your office’s internal heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to maintain the internal temperature. Not only does this increased energy efficiency help the environment, but it will save you money on energy bills.

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November 12, 2021
Wayne Foreman