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CDF Makes Head Turning Debut At The LA Build Expo

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Last week, CDF's executive team packed its bags and headed out to Los Angeles, California, to further promote and build community around our business in Los Angeles and our expansive line of commercial door products.

The Build Expo trade show event, which offers workshops, demo platforms and the opportunity to showcase a business' products and operation while networking with more than 100 other companies, was CDF's first experience participating in a nation-wide trade show, but certainly won't be our last.

Not only did the two days we spent at the L.A. Convention Center allow us the opportunity to exhibit our innovative product—like our website's interactive door designer and quote builder where customers can customize product such as metal doors, wood doors and metal building doors to fit their unique specifications—it also provided our team with the great opportunity to network with others in the industry in an engaging environment, furthering CDF's commitment to building strong, personable relationships with our clients.

True to form, our team couldn't participate in any event without adding a little fun and goofiness and to the mix, so we brought along our trusty corn-hole supplies to help liven things up. We believe in not only building relationships on a foundation of trust and respect, but also maintaining a lighthearted, fun and friendly environment to reflect how we do business in not only Nashville, but across the U.S.

With our corporate offices located in Nashville, one of our primary goals in 2016 is to increase our stock and expand our operations in each of our local distribution centers across America, which currently reach and service all 50 states. Our executive team and nationwide network have worked diligently to expand beyond the constraints of existing solely as an internet company to provide localized service to all of our customers, and we're excited to see that aspect of our company grow exponentially in the months and years to come.

Continuing our nationwide expansion as an industry leader, CDF will be participating in a trade show to show our Commercial Doors in Dallas on March 9th & 10th 2016. Keep checking our website to receive updates on when CDF will be visiting an area near you! We'd love to meet with and get to know you!

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