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Commercial glass storefront doors

Commercial doors are installed throughout various buildings, like schools, hospitals, and government office buildings. They are typically made of more durable materials than residential doors and are often fire-rated to slow the spread of potential fires. If your building is old, chances are that the commercial doors on your building were there before you!     

You may have some questions if it's time to replace your commercial doors. The experts at CDF Distributors have put together a list of common questions about commercial doors and provided the answers to make your search process a little smoother.

1. What Do I Look for in a Commercial Door? 

The cost is the first thing many people consider when looking for a commercial door. However, other factors are critical to your decision. It's essential to consider the size and amount of traffic. Another factor is whether you need temperature control and added security features. 

2. What Type of Commercial Door do I Need? 

Various types of commercial doors are available today. You can choose the best type to fit your desired use and needs of your space. Some of the most common types include: 

Any of these styles can be found on the interior or exterior of your commercial property. 

3. What Type of Materials Are Commercial Doors Made From? 

Many types of materials are used to make commercial doors. The most commonly used is vinyl or aluminum. They may be higher in price, but they are more durable than other materials, like fiberglass or wood. Other materials used to construct a commercial door include steel and glass.

When choosing a material for your commercial door, you must consider your budget, aesthetic, and durability needs.  

4. What Safety Features Does a Commercial Door Have? 

Most commercial doors have a wide range of high-tech safety features. These features may include motion detectors and manual controls. Other doors have fire safety ratings, which may be mandatory based on the type of facility you own.   

5. Do I Need an Insulated Commercial Door? 

An insulated door may be important to protect your building from exterior temperatures or when you have a cold-storage area. Insulated commercial doors may include flat slats, weather seals, and foam insulation. They are convenient for standard operation but will also keep your employees comfortable. Insulated doors may also improve the energy efficiency of your commercial property.  

6. How Many Types of Commercial Doors Are There? 

There is a wide range of commercial doors available, but most fall into one of the following categories. 

Roll-Up Gates

Roll-up gates are used for office buildings, retail stores, and many other businesses. They are available in various designs, colors, and sizes to match your needs. 

Fire-Rated Doors 

Any industry that is at risk of having a fire should use fire-rated doors. They will slow the spread of smoke and fire in an emergency situation. 

Overhead Doors 

An overhead gate is often used in a warehouse or garage. They can roll up as needed, saving you space when needed. 

7. Will My Door Require Maintenance? 

Regardless of which commercial door you choose, it will require some maintenance. It may be as simple as oiling the hinges, or it may need to be occasionally repainted. How much care your door needs depends on how much use your door gets. Normal wear and tear happens but can be prevented by purchasing a door constructed of durable material to help it last longer.     

8. How Long Will My Commercial Door Last? 

The average commercial door lasts between 15-30 years, but it depends on the usage of your door. It is frustrating to make an investment only to learn that it wasn't a high-quality product. Before committing to your commercial door, ask as many questions as possible to learn about the product's durability. 

9. Where Should I Buy a Commercial Door? 

Along with overall cost and availability, it's crucial to consider any potential issues you may have moving forward. Problems with your commercial door may require repairs that you'll want a trusted professional to complete. Ask the commercial door supplier if they offer installation, maintenance, and repair services. These are vital services that will keep your commercial doors working correctly. 

Invest in High-Quality Commercial Doors 

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December 6, 2022
Wayne Foreman