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Why CDF Is The Best Commercial Door Supplier In Texas

Twice the size of Germany and 7.4 percent of the land in the United States, the burning state of Texas is huge. It leads in national GDP rates, and if it were its own country, Texas would have 13th highest GDP in the world. Bustling cities like Dallas Fort Worth and Houston are full of courageous pioneers who give Texas  something to brag about.

To maintain their superior economic standing, business owners of the Lone Star State should care for their customers’ needs, starting with quality privacy separations. Doors open, close, separate environments and provide entryways. Create quality entryways for your guests with the most affordable commercial doors available in houston.


CDF Distributors has developed a series of durable and affordable commercial doors. All doors go through vigorous testing, meeting the industry standard approval of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).


Wood doors are widely recognized as a great value in the commercial door industry. CDF provides options for glass kits, louvers, and transom lights, which are good for any commercial application. The wood doors are made using a solid core construction and can be stained to fit any application. Additionally, the suppliers manufacture all door products using the strict guidelines of the Wood door institute.


Most metal doors outlast their wood or fiberglass counterparts by over 10 years. They are better insulated, vandal resistant, and have naturally longer usage lives. They are made using a hollow metal shell that is then re-enforced and filled with insulation.  Metal doors are most commonly used on the exteriors of a commercial building and for fire-rated openings. To top it off, they are inexpensive.


Like metal doors, most steel doors are better insulated, resistant to vandalism, and last far longer than wood or fiberglass doors. Similarly, they are filled with foam insulation. What distinguishes steel as the top quality option is the hollow steel shell that re-enforces stress points. The supreme material works well in controlling the spread of fire and smoke. Steel doors are typically used for exterior entrances and high-security spaces.

All three door types can be fire-rated, with a variety longer, high-priority options available. Additionally, if you're looking for a specialty storefront doors, to spruce up an old entrance or design a welcoming entry for your new business, a limited selection of pre-assembled storefront doors are coming soon.


For schedule convenience, CDF Distributors provides fast delivery. The FEDEX freight delivery works as a one streamlined network. FEDEX is regarded as the best international option for flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Using this option, we have great shipping rates and can get out doors to your restaurant, school or office building quickly and efficiently.

In addition to stress-free delivery, CDF Distributors provides complete door kits with every purchase. In addition to the easy installation and cheap prices, every order ships with the glass.

Local steel door deliveries extend to several other metro U.S. cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Atlanta, Seattle, and New York. Whether a school, church, office space, retail or other commercial building, we’ll deliver.


As a door company, we’re no stranger to the fact that people love their privacy. Doors are, of course, necessary accessories to buildings and houses in need of protection from outside elements, but they’re also some of the best tools for ensuring complete security in an otherwise open space.

While it’s true that the design aesthetic for many public spaces and office buildings is transforming to a much more open, community-centered layout, this sort of configuration doesn’t work for every space. Enhancing community closeness can be a good thing, especially in public places–just not in the public space we all use most frequently throughout our day-to-day routine.

You guessed it–the public restroom.

Due to the growing needs of safety with current transgender privacy issues, unisex bathrooms provide a controversy-free solution. For you and your customers’ peace of mind, confidence and esteem, order our high quality commercial doors and improve your customer’s bathroom experience. Following through with details will not only increase environment morale but also will improve privacy, safety, happiness, and ultimately company sales.

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