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CDF Shows Commercial Doors in Dallas, TX

The Commercial Door and Frame Distributors team participated in their second trade show of the year on March 9th & 10th at Build Expo event in Dallas, TX.

Build Expo, which offers workshops, demo platforms and the opportunity to showcase a business’ products and operation while networking with more than 100 other companies, has been integral in the process of exposing CDF's customizable product line of commercial doors in Dallas Ft. Worth and to the nation. We've had the great opportunity to build strong community and personal relationships with colleagues and clients alike—one of our highest priorities as a company that emphasizes the value of family and fellowship.

Along with showcasing our wide variety of commercial building products, including metal doors, wood doors, metal building doors, and bathroom partitions CDF debuted its line of premiere tornado shelter doors, designed to withstand heavy storm elements, including tornado winds.

Our newest Factory Glazed StormPro 320 door and frame is an industry leading, Assa Abloy-tested and certified design, rated to withstand F5 tornado winds. This storm door is also the only tornado door in the industry to be made with glass, so you can maintain maximum safety without sacrificing a view.

As an industry leader, not only does CDF value breadth of service, we emphasize depth of service as equally important to our business model and concern with customer relationships and satisfaction. To that effect, we work hard to provide localized service to all of our customers nationwide and will be continuing to fine-tune our successful process in the months to come.

Both the L.A. and Dallas trade shows that CDF has participated in this year are part of our 2016 initiative to continue broadening our outreach and solidifying our established network in all 50 states.

As we continue through 2016 in expanding our brand and industry influence, we'll be heading to the next slated Build Expo events in Houston on July 13th & 14th and New Jersey on August 17th and 18th. Come out and see us—we promise you'll have fun!

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