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Check Out CDF’s New Website and Pro Builder

We realize that your time is important to you. As a commercial contractor, you need fast delivery of high-quality doors and hardware to keep your project right on schedule. After all, delays in the construction industry can cut deep into any project’s bottom line. You also need accurate pricing to provide the right quotes to your customers. With these facts in mind, our team at CDF is pleased to introduce our all new website and Pro Builder that’s designed to make pricing and ordering easier for contractors.

Now, thanks to our new website, you can receive instant pricing on all your commercial door packages, including any requested hardware and accessories. We even provide instant quotes for custom commercial door packages. Not only does our website offer immediate package pricing, but it also includes instant checkout solutions that allow you to conveniently complete your order as soon as you’re ready.

Moreover, faster ordering leads to quicker deliveries, and instant pricing allows for better budget management.

While our website and Pro Builder are new, CDF still offers our same fast and secure shipping. With eight warehouses around the country, including ones in Chicago, New York, Miami, Houston and Los Angeles, we can ensure fast delivery to any location. 

As the #1 Online Supplier in commercial doors and hardware, CDF offers a wide range of products. Additionally, we carry major brands like Yale and Hager.

Our inventory includes:

Our commercial wood doors come with a variety of pre-finished options, including oak, walnut, mahogany and cherry. You can also order doors with special features, such as glass panels and louvers. In addition, our fire-rated doors range from 20 minutes to 3-hours to allow you to select the protection level that best meets your customer’s needs.

Can’t find the commercial door you’re looking for? No problem. We offer custom commercial door packages. Use our convenient online Pro Builder tool to create the specifics for your custom door and receive an instant quote before placing your order. You can also contact one of our experienced team members for all your custom door needs.

Our new website and Pro Builder are up and ready to make your workday a little easier. Check out our CDF website today and find out for yourself just how fast and easy ordering your commercial doors and accessories can be.











September 15, 2020
Wayne Foreman

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