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Wooden doors can add a touch of elegance and professionalism to any commercial building. Wood doors are most commonly used for a building’s interior, making them ideal for a school, office, or church.

CDF offers wooden doors that promote safety as well as beauty. Our solid core wood doors are made with solid wood on the outside and particleboard or mineral core on the inside. These structural elements are then laminated with birch to provide a beautiful finish. We offer finished and unfinished wooden doors, and we can stain the unfinished wooden doors for a variety of applications.

Given these choices, how do you choose what wood tone to use? If you decide to stain, what stain is best? In this post, we’ll offer some tips for choosing the perfect wood tone for your commercial wooden doors.

Choose a Tone That Complements Your Space

Ideally, you want your wood tone to complement your surroundings. Take a look at your commercial building’s existing design scheme. Consider questions like the following:

These considerations can help you narrow down your choice of wood tone. For example, if you already have many dark colors as part of your design scheme, you may wish to choose a lighter door to offer some contrast.

Choose Contrasting Tones

It’s possible your commercial building already uses wood tones as part of the flooring or in major pieces of furniture such as conference room tables and break room cabinets. 

You don’t need to choose a wood tone for your door that matches these existing tones. In fact, from a design standpoint, you may want to choose a style that breaks up the monotony of a lot of the same wood tones. Try to think in terms of harmony, not merely uniformity. A completely different wood tone can produce contrast to make your door stand out.

The same applies to choosing a wood tone that contrasts with existing paint and other design elements, such as logos and brands. Choosing a dark wood tone can cause brighter colors to stand out, and a lighter wood stain can introduce a splash of brightness to your entryway.

Choose a Stain that Highlights the Wood’s Natural Color

If you choose to stain your own door, pick a stain that works well with your wood’s own natural color and grain. Typically, stain labels correspond to the wood they’re designed to stain. CDF’s doors are laminated in birch, whose straight wood grain makes them easy to stain.

Choose Complementary Colors

While you can choose a tone that introduces sharp contrast to your commercial space, you might also consider how colors pair together. White walls tend to pair with a wide variety of stains, but if your commercial space has a bit more color, you can choose a tone that naturally complements these colors.

Light-Colored Wood Tone

Lighter tones can pair well with various shades of green. A pale to medium green-colored carpet can form a delicate balance with light to honey-toned.

High-Contrast Wood Tone

You can achieve bold contrasts by selecting colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel. For example, orange-toned can be paired with shades of blue, though this level of contrast can be too intense for some commercial spaces.

Natural Wood Tone

Natural tones tend to pair well with shades of yellow. The lighter, brighter color combinations can create a relaxing, inviting look to any space.

Dark Wood Tone

Dark tones can complement an existing color theme or contrast with the surrounding commercial space.

Choose the Wood Tone That’s Perfect for You

At the end of the day, there may not really be a “perfect” tone, only the tone that’s right for you and your commercial space. Look at each room's design scheme before choosing a door shade for your entire space. Consider future remodeling plans when choosing colors and design tones for your building.

Choose CDF for Your Commercial Wooden Door

At CDF, we offer both finished and unfinished wooden doors. These commercial wooden doors can improve both the look and safety of your commercial space, with fire ratings as high as 90 minutes. 

If you’re considering the purchase of commercial wooden doors, use our “Build a Quote” tool to select size and style, as well as explore our options for our prefinished products.








July 6, 2021
Wayne Foreman