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In our extremely competitive modern economy, achieving sustained success can be a challenge. You are constantly in a state of competition. For this reason, you have to optimize your business and marketing strategies. Doing so will draw in new customers and keep them coming back time and again.

When it comes to running a successful business, every little detail matters. This even includes the color of your door. Your door color conveys much more about your business than you might have guessed. Choosing wisely can have a lasting impact on customers while a poor decision can hinder sales and conversion rates.

Brand Recognition

That’s right, your door color can help with brand recognition. Investopedia defines brand recognition as “the ability of consumers to identify a specific brand by its attributes”.

Choosing the right color can help customers immediately identify your business. In fact, choosing a unique color can improve brand recognition by up to 80 percent, according to Reboot Online. When comparing color schemes used by companies involved in the study, approximately 60 percent of them utilized either red or black as their primary logo color.

Oftentimes, consumers will recognize your color scheme long before they have even read your signage or caught a glimpse inside your shop. It is important that you match your door to the dominant colors in your company logo or design for optimal results.

Your door needs more than just a good color pattern though. It should also be well made and aesthetically pleasing so it creates a positive association with your brand.

That is why you should partner with CDF Distributor for your door and hardware needs. We sell commercial-grade doors at exceptional prices. When your customers see your new door, they will know that quality is one of your top priorities.

Sets the First Impression

Many times, your door will be the first part of your business that customers see. A bland or dirty-looking door will be off-putting and may stop them from ever entering your store in the first place.

You may never get the opportunity to undo the damage caused by that bad first impression. Most consumers will form their opinions within a few seconds, which means that your door color must be on point with other aspects of your business model.

As mentioned above, red and blue logo colors are some of the most effective in terms of brand recognition. Their usefulness does not stop there though. According to psychologist Sally Augustin, the color of your door will invoke certain feelings within the minds of customers.

As you might have guessed, red and blue are some of the most appealing colors in terms of eliciting a psychological response. The color blue has been linked to a feeling of trust or calmness. Since modern consumers want to do business with brands they trust, blue is an ideal door color.

On the other hand, red doors are more likely to create the belief that your business is action-oriented. If you offer a fun and exciting service or product, then a red door may be a great option. Some good branding and a vibrant red door may be just what you need to get customers in the door and close that sale.

Garners Customer Attention

The wise use of your door color will play key roles in brand building and setting a strong first impression. The first step to getting recognized or setting an impression is grabbing your customer’s attention. To do this, your door must be unique enough to stand out.

Once again, blue and red are a couple of the most appropriate color options. A well-designed door that is adorned in one of these colors can catch the eye of a passerby, even when viewed from the periphery. After you have piqued their interest, your other marketing strategies will have an opportunity to take effect.

As you can see, the door color that you choose can have a profound impact on the overall success of your business. This is especially true if you are offering direct-to-consumer services from a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Partnering with CDF Distributors is the most efficient way of getting the right door for your business. Our industry-leading pricing and exceptional products will get you started on the journey to sustained success! You can build a free quote on our webpage at any time.   











April 19, 2021
Wayne Foreman