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Door Defense: Top 5 Anti-Theft Doors

The door defense to your business plays several key roles. It serves as an entryway and means of setting a great first impression for potential customers. While aesthetics should definitely be part of your purchasing criteria, you should also choose a door that protects your building.

When choosing an anti-theft door, you should consider several factors, such as what material it is made from and whether or not you want a viewing window. You should also determine if your local building codes require the door to be fire-rated. This will largely depend on what type of business you run and what materials you have on hand.

The last thing any store owner wants to do is return to a building that has been vandalized or relieved of its valuable contents. A well-built door will keep your business safe from trespassers and burglaries when you are away. You have invested your heart and soul into your business. Now it is time to protect it.

Fiberglass Door

Fiberglass is one of the most popular door materials available today. As the name implies, fiberglass is essentially a hardened plastic material that contains small fibers of glass. These fibers serve to strengthen and reinforce the door, much like rebar reinforces concrete structures.

A fiberglass door is a great option due to its resistance to corrosion and rot. These doors are versatile, too, and can feature a wood-like appearance for added aesthetics. A fiberglass door will be lightweight and aid in the energy efficiency of your building.

Despite their many perks, fiberglass doors do have some downsides. They are not truly solid but instead have a hollow core. This can present a problem in terms of theft protection if the would-be intruder is particularly determined. Fiberglass doors are also some of the most expensive in terms of initial investment costs.

Wood Door

Solid wood doors maintain a traditional look while also deterring thefts and other crimes. If you are looking to protect your business, you cannot go wrong with wood. They offer better resistance than fiberglass, yet are subject to rot over time. While this process takes many years, they will still need replacing sooner than other anti-theft door materials.

Steel Door

By far the most economical and durable option, steel provides superior theft protection for your business. Steel doors are easy to install and can really take a beating.

Commercial steel doors, such as those provided by CDF Distributors, feature a steel shell that is filled with insulation. This helps to make your building more energy-efficient while also providing top-rate theft protection. Our doors are available in multiple configurations and ratings to meet the needs of your business.

The reason that steel doors have a hollow core is to reduce the overall weight. A solid steel door would weigh a ton, but the combination of a steel exterior and quality insulation makes for a great form of theft protection. The only major downside to steel doors is that they can rust or become dented, but these problems can be resolved with proper care.

Fire Rated Door

Typically, fiberglass doors cannot be fire-rated due to the nature of the materials. However, it will provide a minimal amount of fire resistance until temperatures reach the melting point of the plastic.

Wood and steel doors are both available in fire-rated variations, which is a must for certain businesses. Due to the relatively low cost of upgrading to a fire-rated door, it is generally a good idea to do so. With that said, wood has more limitations in terms of fire resistance, whereas a steel door can be fire-rated for up to 3 hours.

Door with Reinforced Glass Kit

When considering which anti-theft door is right for your business, you should decide if you want a viewing window. A pane of reinforced glass will maintain the security of your building and can even be fire-rated.

Glass kits are a great safety feature because they allow your employees to view outside of your business before exiting. This is especially helpful if your business operates during the early morning or late evening hours, as this is when most burglaries and robberies occur.

If you are ready to upgrade the theft protection capabilities of your doors, then you need to contact CDF Distributors. We offer excellent prices and rapid shipping options so you can get the materials you need fast! Our professionals can provide you with the best wood and steel anti-theft door options for your business.








March 24, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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