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door jamb vs. door stop

Door jambs sound an awful lot like a door jammer (something you might jam a door with). That leads some people to mix them up with door stops, the accessory that prevents a door from opening too far. 

However, door jambs and door stops are two totally different door parts. Today, we’ll explore the main benefits and uses of each. After all, when you understand the parts of your door, you can choose the right parts and hardware for your commercial property!

What Are Door Jambs?

Door jambs are a critical part of any door’s structure. A door jamb provides the support on which installers hang the door (that is, the two innermost vertical pieces of the door frame where the hinges for the door are attached). It isn’t part of the door frame itself. Instead, it sits inside of the door frame, where it is used to support the door.

Many doors come installed on door jambs. That is especially true when it comes to commercial doors that are built as a single unit. From there, it’s relatively easy to position the door and jamb within the frame to complete the installation.

Installation is much more complex when doors are not pre-installed on the door jambs. Constructing a door jamb for a specific door requires the utmost precision, and any deviation can make it difficult to close or open the door. Offset doors can also provide gaps through which pests and wind can enter.

What Are Side Jambs?

The side jambs are what most people think of when they hear door jamb. Important components go into any door jamb. The head jamb, or top jamb, is the piece that runs along the top of the door to provide a snug fit and reliable seal.

Exterior doors and security doors will have a sill along the bottom of the door that connects the two side jambs. There will also be a threshold over the sill that serves to protect the sill. This is typically an aesthetic feature. However, all components of the door jamb play a critical role indoor security.

For commercial doors, jambs are typically made from steel. Manufacturers have the equipment to produce these door jambs with the highest level of precision to ensure a perfect fit every time. Steel is one of the easiest materials to implement using these manufacturing techniques.

Other door jambs are made of wood, especially for buildings that feature matching wood doors. Lastly, there are also fiberglass door jambs on the market that can offer similar precision to a commercial steel door jamb.

What Are Door Stops?

Door stops are quite simply the accessories that keep your door from swinging completely open and hitting the wall. Without quality door stops, high-traffic areas may develop holes from doorknob impacts on the wall.

Door stops come in many different varieties, according to their usage. Here, we’ll explore some of the most common kinds of door stops used within commercial properties.

The most common type of door stop is the plain old-fashioned baseboard door stop. They’re installed near the bottom of a wall and stick out far enough that they’ll be the first thing the door hits. They’re often springy, which means that anyone who hits them with their foot won’t be hurt.

Magnetic door stops provide the benefits of the traditional door stop while also featuring a magnet that can hold the door open. This is useful for stores and other businesses that might like to keep a door open to invite customers inside.

Some types of door stops can be installed on the door itself when it isn’t possible to install one on the wall. They prevent the doorknob from contacting the wall, just like any other door stop does.

Floor-mounted door stops can be installed on the floor instead of the wall. They typically provide more stopping power than a wall-mounted door stop and are especially useful for heavy commercial doors.

CDF Distributors offers a wide variety of door stops for commercial applications. It’s easy to find the style you’re looking for. 

Our door stop vs. door jamb breakdown should give you direction on what hardware you require. Get instant quotes and fast shipping for your door and hardware needs with CDF Distributors.










June 16, 2021
Wayne Foreman