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Energy Use

CDF strives to reduce its energy usage at its offices. This includes a large-scale use of energy-efficient lighting and managing climate control systems when they are not needed.


In an effort to play our part in helping reduce traffic and congestion-related smog, CDF encourages its employees to carpool if possible, including offering a gas incentive to those who share a ride. We also group our local deliveries by region to reduce the number of trips.

Our Wood Doors

Our wood doors are no exception to our commitment to providing environmentally responsible door products. Most wood doors are created with a largely recycled wood core and have a laminated birch exterior. Birch is one of the most sustainable woods commercially available due to its high yield at harvest and commercial availability from tree farms.

The use of birch by commercial tree farms keeps costs low and also helps prevent deforestation caused by traditional wood use.

Energy Recycle

The steel used in our metal doors is widely recyclable and is frequently sourced from post-consumer sources, such as the auto industry. Steel is the most commonly recycled material in the United States. In fact, over the past 50 years, more than 50 percent of the steel produced in this country has been recycled through the steel manufacturing process.

Due to the steel industry's impressive history of recycling, a wide variety of collection programs exist to recycle steel products.

Our Offices

While many companies choose to build new facilities to suit their specific needs, CDF has taken a different approach. Although new construction does offer some operational benefits, unnecessary construction creates large amounts of waste and often leaves a perfectly good building unused. CDF Distributors has opted to repurpose an abandoned railroad freight terminal into warehouse and fabricating space at its main headquarters in Nashville.